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New 'SLICE' Tool Can Massively Expand Immune System's Cancer-Fighting Repertoire
UC San Francisco researchers have devised a CRISPR-based system called SLICE, which will allow scientists to rapidly assess the function of every gene in primary immune cells. The new method, described in the Nov. 15 issue of Cell by members of the Marson and Ashworth labs, provides researchers with a powerful tool that will help determine how best to engineer immune cells to fight cancer and other diseases. [read more]
news Small Molecule Discovery Core Combines High-Throughput Biology and Medicinal Chemistry to Accelerate Drug Discovery
Faculty co-directors Adam Renslo, PhD, and Michelle Arkin, PhD, discuss the Core's role in accelerating cancer research and precision medicine at UCSF and beyond.
news Get To Know: Tung
Nguyen, MD

In a recent faculty interview published by the Department of Medicine, physician-researcher Dr. Tung Nguyen discusses what brought him to UCSF and what continues to inspire his passion to reduce health disparities.
  Please note that requests for filming inside any UCSF oncology-related facility must be cleared with Vicky Agnew or UCSF media relations.

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Welcome New Members
James A. Wilkins, PhD - Associate Member, Prostate Cancer Program
Awards & Distinctions
Jennifer R. Grandis, MD received a 2018 Outstanding Investigator Award (R35) from the National Cancer Institute. This award provides funding to investigators with outstanding records of productivity in cancer research to continue or embark upon new projects of unusual potential in cancer research over an extended period of seven years. Read more.
Leah Karliner, MD, MCR received a grant of $2.8M over 5 years from the National Institute on Aging for a project entitled, "Center for aging in diverse communities: Ending health inequities in older adults."
Sharof Tugizov, DVM, PhD, DSc received a grant of $2.6M over 5 years from the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research for a project entitled, "Role of oral herpesvirus microbiota in pathogenesis of HIV mother to child transmission."
Karin Gaensler, MD was awarded a Therapeutic Translational Research Project of $4.17 million from the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) for a project entitled, "Developing engineered autologous leukemia vaccines to target residual leukemic stem cells."
Andrei Goga, MD, PhD received a METAvivor Translational Research Award for his project, "Targeting the MYC Pathway in Metastatic Breast Cancer." Read more.
Kathleen Giacomini, PhD received the 2018 Bill Heller Mentor of the Year Award from the American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education.
In the News
news Less Surveillance Needed for Simple Ovarian Cysts
UCSF | Nov 13, 2018
news Cognitive Decline After Radiation Therapy for Brain Tumors Might Be Prevented By Temporarily Shutting Down Immune Response
UCSF | Nov 13, 2018
news "Orphan" RNAs Make Cancer Deadlier, But Potentially Easier to Diagnose
UCSF | Nov 7, 2018
news Advanced Skin Cancer Was Once a Death Sentence; Immunotherapy Is Changing That
KQED | Oct 30, 2018
news The First Genome Surgeons: Scientists Are Preparing to Bring DNA-Editing Tools to the Clinic
UCSF | Oct 24, 2018
news Heated Tobacco Product Claims by Tobacco Industry Scrutinized by UCSF Researchers and Others in Independent Data Review
UCSF | Oct 23, 2018
Recent Publications

Ablain J, Xu M, Rothschild H, Jordan RC, Mito JK, Daniels BH, Bell CF, Joseph NM, Wu H, Bastian BC, Zon LI, Yeh I. Human tumor genomics and zebrafish modeling identify SPRED1 loss as a driver of mucosal melanoma. Science. 2018 Nov 1.

Ellis L, Lichtensztajn D, Gomez SL. Understanding the Limitations of Cancer Registry Insurance Data-Implications for Policy-Reply. JAMA Oncol. 2018 Oct 1;4(10):1433-1434.

Fish L, Zhang S, Yu JX, Culbertson B, Zhou AY, Goga A, Goodarzi H. Cancer cells exploit an orphan RNA to drive metastatic progression. Nat Med. 2018 Nov;24(11):1743-1751.

McQuoid J, Keamy Minor E, Ling PM. A practice theory approach to understanding poly-tobacco use in the United States. Critic Public Health. 2018 Nov:1-16.

Construction Impacts
  news Beginning November 12, 2018 through April 2019, SFMTA will be closing the two Muni Train platforms at UCSF Mission Bay-Gene Friend Way in preparation for arena platform upgrade work.

For updated information on construction projects at Parnassus and Mission Bay, visit
Nov 16: Inaugural NCI Chemical Biology Consortium Symposium - UCSF Mission Bay
A day of presentations and posters describing drug discovery programs from the NCI, UCSF, and bay area biotechs.
Nov 27: Tobacco Control Program Seminar - UCSF Parnassus
Dorie Apollonio, PhD will present "Simultaneous and separate polyuse of tobacco and cannabis in California."
Nov 28: Bay Area Breast Cancer Forum - UCSF Mount Zion
Updates from the 2018 European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO).
Dec 3: Research-Related Resources (3Rs) Symposium - UCSF Mission Bay
This event will highlight offices and departments that provide research-related services and resources.
Employment and Training

The HDFCCC Office of Education & Training (OET) has launched a new website to help you discover the education and career development resources at the Cancer Center and throughout UCSF! Visit to learn about:

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career development resources for HDFCCC staff
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For a list of current job opportunities, see
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