University of California San Francisco
Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center

Center for Evolution and Cancer Special Event

June 14, 2013, 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm

Mission Bay
Conference Center, Robertson Auditorium

"Is Cancer a Darwinian Demon?"
Public lecture by Carl Zimmer and concert by Baba Brinkman

> part of  IBECC 2013 conference

Join science writer Carl Zimmer and rapper Baba Brinkman as they take on some of the biggest questions in cancer biology at the International Biannual Evolution and Cancer Conference’s public event, “Is Cancer a Darwinian Demon?”  
7:00 Athena Aktipis, Director, Human and Social Evolution, Center for Evolution and Cancer Introduction: Is cancer a Darwinian Demon?

7:15 Carl Zimmer  Is Cancer a Darwinian Demon?

8:15 Baba Brinkman Performs selections from "The Rap Guide to Evolution" and preview of the forthcoming "Rap Guide to Medicine", with music and turntablism by DJ Jamie Simmonds


Carl Zimmer is one of the country's leading science writers. He writes the "Matter" column for the New York Times. He is the author of 13 books, including Parasite Rex and Evolution: Making Sense of Life. A frequent contributor to Radiolab, Zimmer is also a lecturer at Yale, where he teaches writing. He is a three-time winner of the American Association for the Advancement of Science Journalism Award. Zimmer's blog, "The Loom," is hosted by National Geographic.

Baba Brinkman is a Canadian rap artist, writer, and former tree-planter. To date, Brinkman has released seven solo albums and written or co-written four hip-hop theatre shows—winning three awards and entertaining thousands of people during his six seasons at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. His lyrical masterpiece, The Rap Guide to Evolution, won the prestigious Scotsman Fringe First Award in Edinburgh in 2009, and was nominated for a 2012 Drama Desk Award. Brinkman is a recent winner of the National Center for Science Education’s “Friend of Darwin Award” for his efforts to increase the public appreciation of evolutionary biology.

This is a multimedia education and outreach event hosted by the Center for Evolution and Cancer and the Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center at UCSF. The Center for Evolution and Cancer at UCSF is the world’s first center for the study of the fundamental evolutionary dynamics that drive carcinogenesis, therapeutic resistance, and cancer susceptibility.

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