University of California San Francisco
Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center

The Diana Mary Steyer Memorial Lecture in Psycho-Oncology

August 7, 2014, 10:00 am – 11:30 am

Mount Zion
1600 Divisadero St., 2nd Floor
Herbst Hall

"Cognitive Orientation and Meaning as Predictors of Health and Disease in Cancer Patients: Lessons Learned from 30 years of Psycho-oncology Research and Practice in Israel"
Shulamith Kreitler PhD, Professor Emeritus, Department of Psychology, Tel Aviv University
Director of Psychooncology Research Center, Sheba Medical Center at Tel-Hashomer, Israel
Light refreshments at 9:45am; Lecture at 10am. Free of charge.  Nursing CEU’s Available
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Shulamith Kreitler is an author and psychology theorist whose career as a clinical health psychologist and researcher has spanned more than four decades and earned her an international reputation. For over 40 years she has been full professor of psychology at Tel-Aviv University. She has taught at Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and elsewhere. A pioneer and champion of psycho-oncology in Israel, she currently directs the Psychooncology Research Center at the Sheba Medical Center. She co-developed the Theory of Meaning and Cognitive Orientation, on the basis of which she proposed the Cognitive Orientation Model of Wellness and applied this model to cancer. Dr. Kreitler has also contributed extensively to theories of meaning, personality, art, consciousness, pain, end-of-life and quality of life. Dr. Kreitler has published over 200 articles, 103 book chapters and 15 books. 

In this lecture, Dr. Shulamith Kreitler will describe her pioneering Theory of Meaning and Cognitive Orientation Model for Wellness and its application with cancer patients in Israel and around the world.  
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