University of California San Francisco
Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center

Tobacco Control Program Seminar

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September 24, 2019, 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm

530 Parnassus Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94143

Stella Bialous, RN, DrPH, FAAN   

Title: Building a Tobacco Control Network in Africa

About the Speaker: Stella has been active in cancer care and tobacco control since 1990, when upon returning to Brazil, she worked at the national cancer control program. Since 1991 she has been involved with the International Society of Nurses in Cancer Care promoting the integration of tobacco control within cancer care. For over 16 years, she has worked on capacity building of nurses in tobacco control, focusing on preparing nurses to deliver evidence-based tobacco dependence treatment in the United States and internationally.

She has been working in global tobacco control since 1999, working as a consultant to the World Health Organization, involved with the develop-mentand implementation of the WHO Frame-work Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), and serves as a consultant to the Convention Secretariat. Since 2012 she has co-facilitated tobacco control workshops in over 16 countries on developing strategies to counter the tobacco industry interference with policy making. She is a recognized world leader in this area. Her current work is focusing on creating a network of advocates in 11 African countries to support monitoring the tobacco industry’s efforts to derail implementation of the FCTC.

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