University of California San Francisco
Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center

Conference 2013

From Unicellularity to Multicellularity and Back Again
2nd International Biannual Evolution and Cancer Conference

IBECC 2013 at UCSF, June 12-16

IBECC brings together cancer researchers, clinicians, evolutionary biologists and social scientists from across the world to address the applications of evolutionary thinking to cancer research and treatment.


IBECC 2013 Carl Zimmer "The Devil's Tumor: How Cancer Evolved Into A New Form of Life"

IBECC 2013 Baba Brinkman, Revenge of the Somatic

IBECC -- Baba Brinkman, Darwinian Medicine


  1. cancer suppression in the evolution of multicellularity and
  2. applying insights from the evolution of single cellular organisms to the study of cancer

Sessions include:

  • Insights from Experimental Evolution
  • Cancer and the Evolution of Multicellularity
  • Dynamics of Somatic Evolution
  • Peto's Paradox, Comparative Oncology and the Evolution of Tumor Suppression
  • Somatic Mutation and Levels of Selection
  • Applying the Tools of Evolutionary Biology to Cancer
  • Life History Theory in Cancer
  • The Evolutionary Medicine of Cancer


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Key note:
Mel Greaves

CEC 2013 Vision Keynote:
Anna Barker

Judith Campisi
Frank McCormick
Ken Pienta
Andrew Read
David Queller
Carl Zimmer
Full Speaker Roster:

Athena Aktipis
Anna Barker
Matthew Breen
Joel Brown
Judith Campisi
Aleah Caulin
James DeGregori
Pierre Durand
Bruce Ellis
Robert Gatenby
Vera Gorbunova
Deborah M Gordon
Trevor Graham
Mel Greaves
Ruth Hershberg
Michael Hochberg
John Koschwanez
Mary Kuhner
Carlo Maley
Frank McCormick
Aurora Nedelcu
Randolph Nesse
Rasmus Nielsen
Leonard Nunney
Ken Pienta
David Queller
Susan Rosenberg
Pauline Schaap
Andrei Seluanov
Darryl Shibata
Andrea Sottoriva
Andrew Read
Frederic Thomas
Thea Tlsty
Michael Travisano
Joao Xavier
Richard White
Chung-I Wu
Carl  Zimmer