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Lisa Bero: taking the path of most resistance

May 19, 2012 source: The Lancet

UCSF scientists assemble high-value genetic resource to help researchers

April 17, 2012 source:

FLT3 gene mutations play critically important role in acute myeloid leukemia

April 15, 2012 source:

DIEP flap surgical alternative to breast implants

April 9, 2012 source: San Francisco Chronicle

University of California Research Profiles: Frank McCormick

April 1, 2012 source:

Going West to Do Some SPY-ing

March 23, 2012 source:

Interview with Dr. Michael Rabow: Getting Relief From Cancer Symptoms

February 1, 2012 source: UCSF Medical Center

HealthWatch: UCSF Expert At Odds With New Prostate Screening Recommendations

November 7, 2011 source: CBS San Francisco

CAPRA-S scores and projection of prostate cancer recurrence post-surgery

June 29, 2011 source:

Dr. Laura Esserman, UCSF breast cancer researcher

June 23, 2011 source: