Media Coverage

Higher-Risk Prostate Cancer On the Rise

February 26, 2015 source: Renal and Urology News

Staff sergeant beats cancer

February 25, 2015 source: US Air Force

Use With Caution: Active Surveillance in Patients With Intermediate-Risk Prostate Cancer

February 23, 2015 source:

Most comprehensive map' of human epigenomes is unveiled

February 18, 2015 source:

Cancer Immunotherapy: immune checkpoint inhibitors, cancer vaccines, and adoptive T-cell therapies

February 16, 2015 source:

New UC Medical Center Supports Obama's Precision Medicine Initiative

February 12, 2015 source: California Health Online

Discovery points to potential mechanism of cancer drug resistance

February 12, 2015 source: Cancer Research UK

Many Women Willing to Extend Cervical Cancer Screening Intervals

February 11, 2015 source: Cnacer Network

UC Berkeley partners with UCSF, pharmaceutical companies in new genomic initiative

February 9, 2015 source:

States racing to regulate e-cigarettes

February 7, 2015 source: USAToday