Purchasing and Reimbursement

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  1. Who is the purchasing contact in the Finance Office?
    CCC - Sandy Ng
    CRI - Maria Elena Moncada
    They are also the contact for reimbursements, invoice payments and other miscellaneous questions. Their office is located at 185 Berry St., Suite 6600.
  2. How can I submit a purchase order?
    Use the P2P system or fill out a miscellaneous purchase order form and fax it to 353.9728 or mail to Box 0981.
  3. How long will it take to receive my order?
    All orders take between 1-5 business days approximately.
  4. Does the purchase order form needs a signature?
    Yes it should be signed by the person who has authority to charge the specific funds that you are going to use. (PI, lab manager, etc.) The purchasing office cannot place orders that are missing authorized signatures therefore a signature is required.
  5. What should I do with the packing slip that comes with my order?
    Sign it, date it and send it to Box 0981 to the attention of Sandy for CCC orders and Maria Elena for CRI.
  6. I plan to travel and I don't want to use my credit card to pay for my expenses what should I do?
    Submit a Travel Advance Form three weeks prior to your trip for the estimated cost. Keep all your receipts for reimbursement at a later day. Once you come back from your trip complete the Travel Voucher Form to be reimbursed.
  7. How long can I wait to submit the Travel Voucher Form?
    The form should be submitted immediately after your trip.
  8. What should I do to get reimbursed for my expenses?
    Fill out one of the following forms: Travel Voucher for travel expenses, Entertainment Form for food related expenses and Check request for all other expenses.
  9. How can I reimburse an intercampus employee?
    You need to submit a "One Time Payment Form".
  10. Will I receive a check from Accounts Payable and how long will it take?
    The reimbursement payment will go directly to the employee checking account as direct deposit or to the address requested, it takes two weeks approximately.
  11. How do I submit an invoice for payment?
    If the invoice is billed directly to UCSF, send the invoice to the purchasing office. If the invoice is billed to a particular person, prepare a check request form and send it to the purchasing office.
  12. Can I fill out a check request form to reimburse myself?
    Yes, all you need is to get the appropriate approvals.
  13. I closed my checking account and I want my payroll to be deposited into the new account who can help me to do the transfer?
    All Faculty should submit requests to the HR Manager Paul Castellano in Human Resources and all staff should submit requests to Jennifer Marenco CCC/CRI Staff Personnel Analyst. For more information please visit the accounting website.