University of California San Francisco
Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center

Mission Bay Gamma Irradiator

Gamma Irradiator / Diller Building Animal Facility

The cesium irradiator within the animal barrier facility at the Diller Building, which was formerly housed in the Mt. Zion animal facility, has been refurbished and is now part of the Cancer Center’s Preclinical Therapeutics Core [link].  Its use requires proper authorization, orientation on the instrument, and a scheduled reservation of instrument time. 

Please see below for complete information, and note especially that the authorization process requires three to five weeks for turnaround.  The Mission Bay UC police office can provide fingerprinting services.

As mandated by the USNRC (U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission), UCSF is required to have all irradiator users submit fingerprints for NRC/FBI background checks.  The NRC turnaround time is three to five weeks.  A “UCSF Irradiator Background Information” form must also be completed and kept on file.

Read and/or download the following resources (PDF), and carefully follow the instructions before submission.

Complete the UCSF Irradiator Background Information form via computer; do not hand-write.  Print completed form and have it signed by a lab manager or PI.  (Applicants cannot sign and verify their own form.)  If you are a PI, please have the form signed by your lab manager.  Send the signed original form to Dean Norris at UCSF Box 0942.

If you have been at UCSF for 3 years or less, please fully complete the information in parts 4a, b, c.  When completing this part of the form, please include contact information for employment and education.  Email addresses of references are preferred.  These references will be contacted for verification.

Be sure to include the following information:

  • UCSF Employee Identification Number (EIN).  Please confirm with your department administrator that your UCSF employment appointment is current.  Proxi card activation for irraditor access cannot be processed if the appointment date has expired.
  • Location of the irradiator you wish to access (i.e., L-235, PSB, Diller, etc.).

Sharing of ID cards is prohibited.  Once authorized, you may escort a colleague who has not yet been authorized.  You must remain with them the entire time they are in the irradiator room.  There are no exceptions.  Violations will result in loss of access.

New users are required to undergo an orientation with either Byron Hann (Preclinical Therapeutics Core) or Bill Lew (EH&S).  To schedule an orientation, and for all other questions, contact Bill Lew or Byron Hann.

Please use the CoreAdmin system to reserve instrument time, and note that there will be a modest usage fee to offset service costs.