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Each PI occupying wet lab bench space will participate in the Combined Wet Lab Services Recharge which covers the costs of the glass washing, dry ice, flaked ice and Millipore.  This is a per-kneehole (kh) charge that varies monthly depending on actual costs, but over the long term averages about $100/month per kh.  There are optional recharges for faculty who participate in the shared film processor or centralized CO2. Typically, these costs are charged to faculty grants, but may be paid by the home department in support of their faculty.


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Combined wet lab services: Glasswash/Autoclaving/Biohazard Waste Pick Up; Millipore/Dry Ice/Flaked Ice Service:

Fulltime Lab Assistant stops by each wet lab to pick up dirty lab glassware from a designated area, wash it and return it to the lab same day.  This employee is responsible for ensuring items are returned to proper lab and may assist lab with labeling glassware. 

Lab Assistant picks up items or prepared solutions to be autoclaved from each lab, autoclaves them, and returns to the lab same day.  Assistant will also autoclave glassware after washing. 

BioHazard Waste Collection
Lab Assistant picks up biohazard waste collection from the red collection bin or designated area in lab and transports to the central collection area for EHS to pick up.  Frequency will meet EHS regulations so these bags do not overflow in the lab. 

Purified Water
Two Milli-Q (Academic model) water systems are located in each wing of each floor.  The systems will receive preventive maintenance checks from Millipore including filter changes as recommended by the manufacturer.  The recharge covers the preventive maintenance, replacement filters, and any repairs needed. 

Dry Ice
Dry ice is available in one container in each wing of each floor, located outside of the cold room.  (Near Room #s 205, 226, 305, 326)
The recharge covers the cost of dry ice delivery from Airgas twice weekly.

Flaked Ice
Flaked ice machines are located outside of each cold room in each wing of each floor. (Room #s 205, 226, 305, 326)
The recharge covers the cost of maintenance and repair of the ice machines.   

Billing methodology for Combined Wet Lab Services: Actual Costs/Assigned Kneeholes Costs include:

  • One Full Time Lab Assistant employee - salary and benefits
  • One telephone line and voice mail box in glasswash room so this employee can be reached by customers and can place service calls for equipment
  • Two glasswash machines - consumable supplies, maintenance
  • Two autoclave machines - consumable supplies, maintenance
  • Eight Millipore Academic Model purified water systems (two in each wing of each floor) maintenance and filters
  • Four dry ice containers (one per wing) filled twice weekly by Airgas Dry Ice
  • Four flaked ice machines (one per wing) maintenance
  • Financial and administrative oversight and recharge management


CO2 Delivery System
Centralized carbon dioxide delivery system pipes CO2 to each Tissue Culture room.  The recharge covers consumption of CO2 and is billed per incubator or station.  Faculty not using CO2 incubators are not charged.
Billing Methodology: Actual Costs/Number of Units used by each PI
Costs Include:

  • CO2
  • Maintenance of central distribution manifold
  • Financial and administrative oversight and recharge management


Film Processor
There are two Kodak XO Mat 2000 Film Processors, one in shared dark room, #244 and one in #346.  Labs can register any number of Authorized Users who have been trained on the use of this equipment.  Due to the short developing cycle, no reservations are anticipated for the equipment. The recharge covers the cost of chemical developer and fixer, preventive maintenance, repair and disposal of chemical waste .  End users provide their own film.  Faculty who do not use this equipment are not charged.  This recharge is billed per authorized user. 

Billing Methodology: Actual Costs/Number of Authorized Users
Costs Include:

  • Preventive Maintenance Contract
  • Chemical Fixer
  • Chemical Developer
  • Disposal of chemical waste
  • Financial and administrative oversight and recharge management