University of California San Francisco
Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center

MTZ 2340 Sutter Biohazardous Waster

Biohazardous Waste

Standard Operating Procedures for Handling and Disposing Biohazardous Waste at the MtZ Cancer Research Building

There are three types of biohazardous waste generated at the Mt. Zion Cancer Research Center: dry, liquid, and sharps.

  1. Dry lab waste should be drained or aspirated of fluid and placed in a red biohazard bag. Red biohazard bags must be placed in a hard-sided, labeled biohazardous waste container with a tight-fitting lid. The lid is required to be on the biohazardous waste container unless the container is in use, such as during an experiment or when the container is empty. When no one is in the laboratory or at the work area where the biohazardous waste container is located, the lid is required to be on the container. The red biohazard bag must never be left on the floor.

  2. When the red bag is full, tie or tape the open end of the bag to prevent leakage. Do not hand carry the red biohazard bag to the spill center, outside the lab, or to the glass wash area. The bag should be transported from the lab only in a hard-sided container with a tight-fitting lid to the larger container for your lab. The larger red-bag container is then picked up by building personnel.

  3. Liquid and semi-liquid lab waste: Use 10% bleach for at least 30 minutes to decontaminate infectious or potentially infectious liquid and semi-liquid lab waste. REMEMBER: final concentration of ACTIVE Sodium Hypochlorite is 0.5% (10% bleach approximately represents 0.5% ACTIVE Sodium Hypochlorite depending upon the brand of bleach). Pour the bleached infectious liquid waste slowly down the sink and then flush the sink with water.

  4. Sharps wastemust be placed in an appropriate sharps waste container. The sharps container must be filled no more than 2/3 full. The lid should be closed and the top and bottom pieces held together with two vertical loops of tape. Sharps containers are then transferred into the larger red container to be picked up along with red bag waste.