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About Clinical Research at HDFCCC

ITR UCSF Research

The clinical shared resources in the HDFCCC are as follows and perform the listed functions:

PRMS:  Site Committees:

  • perform disease-specific scientific and feasibility review.

PRMS:  Protocol Review Committee (PRC):

  • performs HDFCCC-wide scientific and feasibility review
  • monitors for adequate accrual and ongoing scientific relevance
  • closes studies that do not accrue or lose scientific relevance.

DSM:  Data and Safety Monitoring (DSM):

  • conducts internal audits on investigator-initiated* clinical trials
  • assesses results of internal and external audits
  • approves cohort dose escalations in investigator-initiated* phase I clinical trials
  • reviews planned interim analyses on investigator-initiated* clinical trials
  • evaluates safety and study design concerns
  • oversees SAE and toxicity reporting from Site Committees
  • develops the HDFCCC Data Safety Monitoring Plan (DSMP)
  • closes studies for non-compliance or safety issues

CRSO:  Clinical Research Support Office:

This unit is supported by a National Cancer Institute Cancer Center Support Grant (P30CA082103). Any publications related to work done by this core should reference grant number P30CA082103 and must include a PMCID as required by the NIH. View instructions on how to acknowledge funding sources and how to obtain a PMCID.

For general inquiries about Cancer Center Shared Resources, please email Charissa Suantawee. For technical inquiries, please email Benjamin Braun, MD, PhD.

For more information on the CCSG, please email Erin Bank, PhD.