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Seminars to Educate Transplant Recipients about Skin Cancer Risk

By Vanessa deGier, UCSF News Services | June 8, 2005

Organ transplant recipients have a high risk of developing skin cancer, but information about this deadly link has not been readily available to patients. Now UCSF Medical Center is offering a program to remedy the problem.

The Department of Dermatology and the Division of Transplant Surgery are collaborating in the first coordinated effort of its kind at UCSF to offer a series of seminars to educate transplant patients about the potential risk of skin cancer.

"Approximately one in 20 transplant patients die of skin related malignancies," said Bryan Cho, MD, PhD, dermatology resident at UCSF. "This is because skin cancers that develop in transplant patients tend to be more aggressive, and there is a higher recurrence and metastatic rate."

The lectures will educate patients on the risk factors for skin cancer, appearance, early detection, preventive strategies and treatment options.

The first seminar, "Organ Transplant Recipients: Seminar on Skin Cancer Prevention and Treatment," will take place on June 13, from 5-7 p.m. in the Millberry Conference Center, 500 Parnassus Avenue.

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