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Sence Foundation Gift Advances Brain Tumor Research

By Philanthropy Insider, UCSF Foundation | September 15, 2005

A $100,000 gift from the Sence Foundation to the UCSF Department of Neurological Surgery will help further research that promises a major breakthrough in developing treatments for brain tumors.

Lack of a suitable model of a human brain tumor has hindered research thus far, according to Mitchel Berger, MD, department chair and director of the world-renowned UCSF Brain Tumor Research Center (BTRC). Because current models are far less genetically complex and less reproducible, they do not mimic how human brain tumors behave or respond to therapy. "It's one of the missing pieces of the puzzle," explains Berger.

Now, with aid from the Sence donation, the BTRC is developing a far better model. This "human serial xenograft system" is more effective in predicting human brain tumor behavior, allowing doctors to test advanced new therapies and potentially tailor them for individual patients.

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