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Peterson Foundation Helps UCSF Battle Multiple Diseases

By Philanthropy Insider, UCSF Foundation | October 14, 2005

Karen Peterson and her son, Eric, both received treatment for cancer at UCSF. While one was near the beginning of life, and the other near the end, their family found the care equally as dedicated. Now, almost three years after her death, Karen's family continues to support UCSF so such committed patient care -- and research for cures -- can thrive.

When three-year-old Eric was diagnosed with leukemia, Karen and her husband, Jeff, were referred to UCSF by Byron Smith, his pediatric oncologist at John Muir Medical Center. Smith then worked closely with UCSF pediatric cancer specialist Kevin Shannon. "They took amazing care of my son," says Peterson, "and made life as easy as possible for us." Eric's situation was tricky, however, because he was being treated elsewhere for diabetes.

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