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UCSF Recruits Young Scientists in Stem Cell Research

By Jennifer O'Brien, UCSF News Services | February 6, 2006

The past year has been a period of dynamic growth for the UCSF Institute for Stem Cell and Tissue Biology.

Studies in a broad array of animal and human cells are being conducted in labs throughout the University; space for conducting non-federally funded research is being renovated; and plans for constructing a building that would allow non-federally funded human embryonic stem cell research on campus are being pursued.

In addition, four preeminent young stem cell scientists were successfully recruited to the program during the last year. Three arrived in December; a fourth arrives in May. Additional recruitments continue.

"It's been a very exciting year," says Arnold Kriegstein, MD, PhD, the director of the UCSF Institute for Stem Cell and Tissue Biology, who himself left his position at Columbia University in 2004 to assume leadership of UCSF's stem cell program. "I think UCSF's success in recruitment is testament to its international reputation and the quality of work being carried out here."

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