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UCSF Establishes Pediatric Brain Tumor Institute

By Phyllis Brown, UCSF News Services | June 27, 2006

Building on its foundation as a leading site for pediatric brain tumor research and care, UCSF has established a Pediatric Brain Tumor Institute devoted to understanding and developing new treatments for childhood brain tumors.

The institute's research will focus on the biology of pediatric brain tumors, which is not as well understood as that of brain tumors in adults. Because of this lack of knowledge, new therapies have been slow to develop, said Dr. Mitchel S. Berger, a neurosurgeon at UCSF Medical Center, chair of the Neurological Surgery department and the Kathleen M. Plant distinguished professor, who will head the institute.

"This institute aims to address the challenge of understanding the biology of pediatric brain tumors and to provide new treatments to children with brain tumors by using innovative, biologically based strategies," Berger said.

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