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UCSF Offers Cooking Class for Cancer Prevention, Survival

By Nancy Chan, UCSF News Services | August 15, 2006

Beans, tofu, soy milk and brown rice have appeal for the masses, as Leslie Hendricks came to realize after the overwhelming response she received to the flyers she distributed about a cooking class.

It was probably because this wasn't just any cooking class. The class being offered would be geared to healthful and nutritious eating for cancer prevention and survival. It was also the first time that the UCSF Comprehensive Cancer Center would be offering this free, eight-week demonstration class to the general public.

Of the 30 slots available, all were filled within the first days of the class posting, with 25 more on the mailing list. Individuals were clamoring for spots, to the point where Hendricks, a patient record abstractor at the Mount Zion Cancer Registry and coordinator of the event, is committed now to adding future classes.

"Amazingly, there are very few, if any vegetarian cooking classes in the Bay Area," said Hendricks. "And none that are free. While our participants include cancer patients, there are also UCSF staff and members of the community who are survivors or know people with cancer."

The UCSF Cancer Resource Center offers cancer patients nutrition workshops and seminars, free pamphlets and one-on-one meetings with staff dietitians Natalie Ledesma, MS, RD, and Sarah O'Brien, MS, RD.

(Note that in November 2007 the UCSF Comprehensive Cancer Center was renamed the UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center.)

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