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Boy's Wish Comes True to Help Cancer Patients Like Himself

By Phyllis Brown, UCSF Today | June 7, 2007

Seven-year-old leukemia patient Jericho Rajninger of Larkspur had his wish fulfilled recently by the Greater Bay Area Make-A-Wish Foundation in a recent ceremony at UCSF Children's Hospital.

Rajninger welcomed JR, a robot designed to resemble the title character in the children's book The Little Engine That Could, which will deliver medication to children being treated for cancer at UCSF.

A longtime UCSF Children's Hospital patient, Jericho wished for a robot that would make taking all of the medication required in cancer treatment a little easier to swallow.

"When we first met him, Jericho told us that the worst part of his treatment is all the medication he has to take," said Patricia Wilson, executive director of the Greater Bay Area Make-A-Wish Foundation. "All young patients dread it. Jericho thought a robot might make the process if not fun, at least more pleasant. So Jericho's robot is about as pleasant-looking as possible: a toy train complete with a talking conductor."

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