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American Legacy Foundation Honors Glantz with Distinguished Professorship

By UCSF Today | August 16, 2007

The American Legacy Foundation, a national public health foundation dedicated to reducing tobacco use in the United States, has announced a gift to UCSF to honor Stanton Glantz with a new distinguished professorship in tobacco control.

A lifelong anti-tobacco champion, Glantz, PhD, professor of medicine at UCSF, has conducted seminal research linking secondhand smoke to heart disease and demonstrating that large-scale tobacco control programs not only reduce smoking, but immediately save lives.

Glantz is the first recipient of the American Legacy Foundation Distinguished Professorship in Tobacco Control for the Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education at UCSF. Glantz is director of the center.

Often described as the "Ralph Nader of the anti-tobacco movement," he is a widely respected scientist and advocate of tobacco control. From smoking in movies to secondhand smoke to the grave conflicts presented by universities' acceptance of tobacco funding for research, Glantz's high-quality research, combined with his savvy and unwavering focus, has earned him both admiration and respect.

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