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First US Trial of Brain Tumor Dye Featured on ABC 7

By UCSF News Office (Media Coverage) | October 7, 2010

Mitchel BergerAn Oct. 5 and 6 KGO-TV medical profile featured Mitchel S. Berger, MD, professor and chairman of the UCSF Department of Neurological Surgery, discussing a new clinical trial that aims to prevent brain tumors from recurring by dying tumor cells a phosphorescent orange, making them easier for surgeons to see and remove more completely. The successful removal of brain tumor cells is the most effective way to prevent gliomas from recurring, but it is nearly impossible to do so without harming surrounding brain tissue. UCSF is the first U.S. medical center to offer the surgical trial since a German team pioneered the procedure and published the results in the journal Lancet. The German team found that surgeons were twice as successful at removing the entire tumor using the dye method and that, after six months, those patients were twice as likely to have zero cancer recurrence than those who did not receive the organic phosphorescent dye during surgery.

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