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UCSF Invests in Technologies for Core Research Facilities

By Kristin Bole | | August 16, 2012

UCSF Invests in Technologies for Core Research Facilities

The UCSF Office of Research is launching a $2 million equipment award program for technology proposals that expand and improve access to core research facilities.

The awards will go to “enabling technology” centers on campus that propose ways to transform current access to technologies that support research for a broad range of laboratories.

Starting Monday, Aug. 20, faculty and core facility directors can submit proposals for equipment funding to improve the access and use of their facilities, with the goal of creating a sustainable, long-term and broad benefit for UCSF research. As an open-proposal initiative, other faculty will be able to comment, contribute ideas, or even combine multiple proposals during a two-week comment period, to build the strongest proposals possible.

“To stay competitive, science has to become more streamlined and efficient,” said Julie Auger, executive director of the Research Resources Program, who was recruited to UCSF in 2010 to oversee coordination of those resources. “A lot of these technologies cost easily $500,000 – our goal is to support facilities where there’s an enabling structure to make sure the technology is available to as many researchers as possible.”