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UCSF researchers (academic appointment in the Professorial, In-Residence, Clinical X, Health Science Clinical, Adjunct, and Professional Research, and Specialist series) can nominate themselves for membership in the UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center. 

An application must contain the following items:

If you have questions about process or forms, please contact Geraldine Pacheco: 415-476-5448;

Benefits of Membership

  • Access to HDFCCC-controlled space
  • Opportunities for leadership roles
  • Access to developmental funds
  • Priority access and cost structure to HDFCCC Shared Resources (cores)
  • Inclusion in HDFCCC communications

Membership Responsibilities

  • Willingness to interact scientifically with other HDFCCC members, especially within HDFCCC Programs.
  • Service to the HDFCCC through participation on committees and/or through public outreach.
  • Submission of all therapeutic protocols to the HDFCCC Clinical Research Office. These protocols will be reviewed by the Protocol Review Committee, which must approve institutional and industry protocols prior to submission to the Committee on Human Research.
  • Provision of information on therapeutic protocols to the HDFCCC Data Monitoring Committee for periodic audits. (At this time, the HDFCCC’s scientific review and monitoring system, which consists of the Protocol Review and Data Monitoring Committees, reviews only therapeutic intervention trials.)
  • Timely update of accruals to all (interventional and non-interventional) clinical trials via OnCore.
  • Provision of updates relating to publications, research support, clinical protocols, patient registrations, and other information that may be needed to fulfill requirements for designation as an NCI Comprehensive Cancer Center.
  • Acknowledgement of CCSG and HDFCCC facilities, space, or assistance, when appropriate, in research publications.
  • Mention of HDFCCC affiliation in relevant media and other marketing outlets.
  • Attendance at scheduled functions of the HDFCCC, including Program events.

Membership Criteria

Full Member: A full-time ranked faculty (or equivalent) of UCSF who meets at least one of the following criteria:

  • Is PI or Co-PI of a cancer-relevant peer-reviewed non-training grant from the NIH/NCI or from an NCI-recognized organization (see list).
  • Is a clinical science leader as evidenced by leadership of therapeutic investigator-initiated institutional trials (in-house, internally reviewed trials, including those collaborative studies conducted with industry sponsorship in which the center is a primary contributor to the design, implementation, and monitoring of the trial, or participation in a multi-site trial initiated by an investigator at another center).
  • Holds an official HDFCCC leadership position.

Associate Member: A health professional or laboratory, clinical, or population research scientist holding a research appointment at UCSF who meets at least one of the following criteria:

  • Newly recruited faculty with cancer-focused research.
  • Active publication record in cancer.
  • Funded by a cancer-related training grant, regardless of funding source.
  • Co-Investigator on peer-reviewed non-training funding from the NIH/NCI or from an NCI-recognized organization.
  • PI on a non-peer-reviewed grant, including foundation and pilot funding.
  • Co-Investigator or Site PI of an institutional study active within the previous year.
  • Established investigators with a new interest in cancer.

Affiliate Member: : A health professional or laboratory, clinical, or population research scientist with a part- or full-time role at UCSF who demonstrates interest in cancer research or patient care within the HDFCCC but does not qualify as a Member. Affiliate Members are invited to attend Program meetings and events to encourage collaboration. Affiliate Members do not receive Shared Resource financial or priority status, unless approved by Leadership on a case-by-case basis. Affiliate members do not contribute to CCSG-related metrics.

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