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Charles P. Ordahl, PhD

Charles P. Ordahl, PhD

Professor, Department of Anatomy, UCSF


University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, B.A., 1967, Biology
University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, M.A., 1970, Embryology
Univ. of Colorado Medical School, Denver, CO, Ph.D., 1974, Molecular Biology

Professional Experience

  • 1965-1967
    Undergraduate Student, Department of Biology, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado B.A. Zoology, 1967
  • 1967-1969
    Graduate Student, Laboratory of Dr. Bruce Criley, Department of Biology, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado M.A. Zoology, 1970
  • 1969-1974
    Predoctoral Student, Laboratory of Dr. William E. Hahn, Department of Anatomy, University of Colorado Medical School, Denver, CO
  • 1974-1977
    Postdoctoral Associate, Laboratory of Dr. Arnold I. Caplan, Department of Biology, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH
  • 1977-1982
    Assistant Professor, Department of Anatomy, Temple University Medical School, Philadelphia, PA
  • 1982-1988
    Associate Professor, Department of Anatomy, University of California, San Francisco,
  • 1988-present
    Professor, Department of Anatomy, University of California, San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
  • 1990-1991
    Sabbatical visitor with Dr. Nicole Le Douarin, Institut d'Embryologie Cellulaire et Moleculaire, Nogent sur Marne, Paris, France

Honors & Awards

  • NIH Research Career Development Award
  • Basil O'Connor Award March of Dimes
  • Sigma Xi
  • 1991; 1996
    Francois Premier Medallion de College de France
  • 1995; 1998
    Co-Chair and Chair, Myogenesis Gordon Conferences
  • 1997
    Co-Chair Keystone symposium on myogenesis

Selected Publications

  • Long, C.S., C.P. Ordahl, and P.C. Simpson, Alpha 1-adrenergic receptor stimulation of sarcomeric actin isogene transcription in hypertrophy of cultured rat heart muscle cells. J Clin Invest, 1989. 83(3): p. 1078-82.
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