Andrew Wyrobek, PhD

Andrew Wyrobek, PhD

Senior Staff Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Phone: (510) 989-4466 (voice)
Lawrence Berkeley Natl Laboratory
Life Sciences Division, One Cyclotron Road
Berkeley, CA 94270-8268


University of Notre Dame, Indiana, BS, 1970, Physics (cum laude)
Ontario Cancer Institute, University of Toronto, Canada, PhD, 1975, Medical Biophysics (with honors)

Professional Experience

  • 1973
    Medical Biophysicist, Chemical Hazards Branch, Toxic Hazards Division, Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio
  • 1975-2006
    Senior Staff Medical Biophysicist, Biology and Biotechnology Research Program, Lawrence Livermore Laboratory (LLNL); 1975-1987, Reproductive Biology Section; 1987-1991, Molecular Biology Section; 1991-1995, Biodosimetry Group
  • 1976-1999
    Visiting Lecturer, School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley
  • 1976-1996
    Visiting Lecturer, San Jose State University, San Jose, California
  • 1970-1982
    Captain and Lieutenant, US Air Force Reserves
  • 1995-2002
    Team Leader, Genetic Damage and Disease Team, LLNL
  • 2002-2005
    Division Leader, Health Effects Genetics Division, LLNL
  • 1995-2005
    Chair, Institutional Review Board (Human Subjects Committee), LLNL
  • 2004-2006
    Senior Biomedical Research Scientist, School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley
  • 1997-2006
    Executive Committee, University of California BioDiscovery Program
  • 2006-present
    Senior Staff Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley CA

Honors & Awards

  • 2006-present
    President-elect, Environmental Mutagen Society
  • 2006-present
    Member, National Council for Radiation Protection

Selected Publications

  • Mascio, L.N., Yuen, B.K., Kegelmeyer, W.P. Jr., Matsumoto, K., Briner, J., and Wyrobek, A.J. (1998). Advances in the automated detection of metaphase chromosomes labeled with fluorescence dyes. Cytometry 33:10-18.
  • Baumgartner A., Van Hummelen P., Lowe X., Adler I.-D., and Wyrobek A.J. (1999) Numerical and structural chromosomal abnormalities detected in human sperm with a combination of multicolor FISH assays. Env Mol Mut 33:49-58.
  • Titenko-Holland, N., Ahlborn, T., Turteltaub, K., Markee, C., Moore II, D., Wyrobek, A.J., and Smith, M.T. (1999). Acrylamide causes preimplantation in male germ of mice. Reprod Toxicol 13, 167-178.
  • Marchetti, F., Lowe, X., Bishop, J., and Wyrobek, A.J. (1999). Absence of selection against aneuploid sperm during spermiogenesis, fertilization and the first cell-cycle of mammalian zygotes Biol Reprod 61, 948-954 (1999).
  • Sloter, E., Lowe, X., Moore, D. II, Nath, J., Wyrobek, A. (2000) Multicolor FISH analysis of Chromosomal Breaks, Duplications, Deletions, and numerical abnormalities in the sperm of healthy men.Am J Hum Genet 67:862-72.
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  • Marchetti, F., Bishop, J.B., Lowe, X., Generoso, W.M., Hozier , J., Wyrobek, A.J. (2001) Etoposide induces heritable chromosomal aberrations and aneuploidy during male meiosis in the mouse. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 98, 3952-3957.
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  • Tomascik-Cheeseman, L.M., Lowe, X., Marchetti,, F., Shamanski FL, Pedersen R, Nath J Wyrobek AJ (2002) CENP-B is not critical for meiotic segregation in male mice. Mutation Res 513, 197-203.
  • Rubes, J., Vozdova, M., Robbins W.A., Rezacova, O., Perreault, S.D., Wyrobek A.J. (2002) Stable variants of sperm aneuploidy among healthy men show associations between germinal and somatic aneuploidy. Am. J. Hum. Genet. 70, 1507-1519.
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