Jack F. Youngren, PhD

Jack F. Youngren, PhD

Associate Adjunct Professor of Medicine, UCSF


Phone: (415) 476-9443 (voice)
Box 1387, UCSF
San Francisco, CA 94143-1387

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University of California, Los Angeles, B.S., March 1986, Kinesiology
University of California, Los Angeles, M.S., June 1990, Kinesiology
University of California, Los Angeles, Ph.D., Dec. 1993, Physiological Science
University of California, San Francisco, Postdoctoral, Oct. 1993-Oct. 1997, Diabetes/Endocrine Research

Professional Experience

  • 1987-1991
    Teaching Associate, Dept. of Kinesiology, UCLA
  • 1987-1993
    Graduate Student Rsch Associate, Dept. of Kinesiology/Dept. of Physiological Science, UCLA
  • 1991-1993
    Teaching Fellow, Dept. of Physiological Science, UCLA
  • 1993-1997
    Postdoctoral Fellow, Division of Diabetes & Endocrine Research, Dept. of Medicine, UCSF
  • 1997-2003
    Assistant Research Biochemist. Department of Medicine, UCSF
  • 2003-2008
    Associate Research Biochemist. Department of Medicine, UCSF
  • 2008-present
    Associate Adjunct Professor. Department of Medicine, UCSF

Honors & Awards

  • 1989-1993
    UCLA Departmental Graduate Fellowship
  • 1993-1995
    NIH Gerontology & Geriatric Medicine Fellowship
  • 1995-1996
    UCSF Endocrine Training Fellowship
  • 1995
    Young Investigator Award, American Diabetes Association, Northern California Affiliate

Selected Publications

  1. Aggarwal R, Behr S, Paris PL, Truillet C, Parker MFL, Huynh LT, Wei J, Hann B, Youngren J, Premasekharan G, Huang J, Ranatunga N, Chang E, Gao KT, Ryan CJ, Small EJ, Evans MJ. Real time transferrin-based PET detects MYC-positive prostate cancer. Mol Cancer Res. 2017 Jun 07.
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  2. Holmes MG, Foss E, Joseph G, Foye A, Beckett B, Motamedi D, Youngren J, Thomas GV, Huang J, Aggarwal R, Alumkal JJ, Beer TM, Small EJ, Link TM. CT-Guided Bone Biopsies in Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer: Factors Predictive of Maximum Tumor Yield. J Vasc Interv Radiol. 2017 May 24.
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  3. Azad AA, Volik SV, Wyatt AW, Haegert A, Le Bihan S, Bell RH, Anderson SA, McConeghy B, Shukin R, Bazov J, Youngren J, Paris P, Thomas G, Small EJ, Wang Y, Gleave ME, Collins CC, Chi KN. Androgen Receptor Gene Aberrations in Circulating Cell-Free DNA: Biomarkers of Therapeutic Resistance in Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer. Clin Cancer Res. 2015 May 15; 21(10):2315-24.
    View on PubMed
  4. Catalano KJ, Maddux BA, Szary J, Youngren JF, Goldfine ID, Schaufele F. Insulin resistance induced by hyperinsulinemia coincides with a persistent alteration at the insulin receptor tyrosine kinase domain. PLoS One. 2014; 9(9):e108693.
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  5. Masharani U, Gjerde C, McCoy S, Maddux BA, Hessler D, Goldfine ID, Youngren JF. Chromium supplementation in non-obese non-diabetic subjects is associated with a decline in insulin sensitivity. BMC Endocr Disord. 2012; 12:31.
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  6. Troib A, Landau D, Youngren JF, Kachko L, Rabkin R, Segev Y. The effects of type 1 IGF receptor inhibition in a mouse model of diabetic kidney disease. Growth Horm IGF Res. 2011 Oct; 21(5):285-91.
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  7. Masharani UB, Maddux BA, Li X, Sakkas GK, Mulligan K, Schambelan M, Goldfine ID, Youngren JF. Insulin resistance in non-obese subjects is associated with activation of the JNK pathway and impaired insulin signaling in skeletal muscle. PLoS One. 2011; 6(5):e19878.
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  8. Engen W, O'Brien TE, Kelly B, Do J, Rillera L, Stapleton LK, Youngren JF, Anderson MO. Synthesis of aryl-heteroaryl ureas (AHUs) based on 4-aminoquinoline and their evaluation against the insulin-like growth factor receptor (IGF-1R). Bioorg Med Chem. 2010 Aug 15; 18(16):5995-6005.
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  9. Masharani U, Gjerde C, Evans JL, Youngren JF, Goldfine ID. Effects of controlled-release alpha lipoic acid in lean, nondiabetic patients with polycystic ovary syndrome. J Diabetes Sci Technol. 2010 Mar; 4(2):359-64.
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  10. Masharani U, Goldfine ID, Youngren JF. Influence of gender on the relationship between insulin sensitivity, adiposity, and plasma lipids in lean nondiabetic subjects. Metabolism. 2009 Nov; 58(11):1602-8.
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  11. Li F, Pham JD, Anderson MO, Youngren JF. Nordihydroguaiaretic acid inhibits transforming growth factor beta type 1 receptor activity and downstream signaling. Eur J Pharmacol. 2009 Aug 15; 616(1-3):31-7.
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  12. Ryan CJ, Zavodovskaya M, Youngren JF, Campbell M, Diamond M, Jones J, Shiry L, Allan G, Maddux BA, Goldfine ID. Inhibitory effects of nordihydroguaiaretic acid (NDGA) on the IGF-1 receptor and androgen dependent growth of LAPC-4 prostate cancer cells. Prostate. 2008 Aug 1; 68(11):1232-40.
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  13. Ryan CJ, Harzstark AH, Rosenberg J, Lin A, Claros C, Goldfine ID, Kerner JF, Small EJ, Youngren JF. A pilot dose-escalation study of the effects of nordihydroguareacetic acid on hormone and prostate specific antigen levels in patients with relapsed prostate cancer. BJU Int. 2008 Feb; 101(4):436-9.
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  14. Zavodovskaya M, Campbell MJ, Maddux BA, Shiry L, Allan G, Hodges L, Kushner P, Kerner JA, Youngren JF, Goldfine ID. Nordihydroguaiaretic acid (NDGA), an inhibitor of the HER2 and IGF-1 receptor tyrosine kinases, blocks the growth of HER2-overexpressing human breast cancer cells. J Cell Biochem. 2008 Feb 1; 103(2):624-35.
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  15. Goldfine ID, Maddux BA, Youngren JF, Reaven G, Accili D, Trischitta V, Vigneri R, Frittitta L. The role of membrane glycoprotein plasma cell antigen 1/ectonucleotide pyrophosphatase phosphodiesterase 1 in the pathogenesis of insulin resistance and related abnormalities. Endocr Rev. 2008 Feb; 29(1):62-75.
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  16. Meyer GE, Chesler L, Liu D, Gable K, Maddux BA, Goldenberg DD, Youngren JF, Goldfine ID, Weiss WA, Matthay KK, Rosenthal SM. Nordihydroguaiaretic acid inhibits insulin-like growth factor signaling, growth, and survival in human neuroblastoma cells. J Cell Biochem. 2007 Dec 15; 102(6):1529-41.
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  17. Li X, Youngren JF, Hyun B, Sakkas GK, Mulligan K, Majumdar S, Masharani UB, Schambelan M, Goldfine ID. Technical evaluation of in vivo abdominal fat and IMCL quantification using MRI and MRSI at 3 T. Magn Reson Imaging. 2008 Feb; 26(2):188-97.
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  18. Blecha JE, Anderson MO, Chow JM, Guevarra CC, Pender C, Penaranda C, Zavodovskaya M, Youngren JF, Berkman CE. Inhibition of IGF-1R and lipoxygenase by nordihydroguaiaretic acid (NDGA) analogs. Bioorg Med Chem Lett. 2007 Jul 15; 17(14):4026-9.
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  19. Youngren JF. Regulation of insulin receptor function. Cell Mol Life Sci. 2007 Apr; 64(7-8):873-91.
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  20. Pender C, Trentadue AR, Pories WJ, Dohm GL, Houmard JA, Youngren JF. Expression of genes regulating malonyl-CoA in human skeletal muscle. J Cell Biochem. 2006 Oct 15; 99(3):860-7.
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