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Benioff Initiative for Prostate Cancer Research

Therapy for prostate cancer is not yet individualized based on the molecular drivers found within each individual’s cancers. This makes prostate cancer unlike other common cancers, such as breast, colon, and lung cancer. 

The difference highlights the critical need to understand the fundamental biology underlying aggressive prostate cancer, in order to radically improve outcomes. The UCSF Benioff Initiative looks to fund projects and core resources that aim to accelerate research in aggressive prostate cancer.

Funding Opportunities

Deadline: November 29 at 5:00 pm

Benioff Initiative for Prostate Cancer Research Award in Basic Science
Through a generous philanthropic gift, we are soliciting applications for funding research to understand the basic biological drivers of aggressive prostate cancer. Over the next five years, the Benioff Initiative for Prostate Cancer Research aims to accelerate prostate cancer research at UCSF. This funding is intended to support basic and translational research projects focused on the biology, detection or treatment of aggressive prostate cancer.

Funded Research Projects

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