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Getting Started

All users must have a valid account with CoreAdmin, the Cancer Center’s online billing and work-order system. CoreAdmin >

For information on managing an account, see the CoreAdmin FAQ.

If you are a UCSF user but not in the CoreAdmin database. first check if your PI is in the database. If yes, have your PI or lab manager authorize an account. If your PI is not in the system or you want your own account, send the following information by email to coreadmin@cc.ucsf.edu: name, email address, phone number, department, and mail box number.

If you are a new external Cancer Center user, fill out this form and send via email to coreadmin@cc.ucsf.edu or fax to 415/353-9728, attention Sandy Ng.

Click here for instructions on submitting work orders and samples:

Additional Resources
A searchable database of core facilities at all UCSF campus locations, provided by the Clinical and Translational Science Institute at UCSF, is available here.