Genome Analysis Education & Training

The Genome Analysis Core provides training and consulting services to aid users in their real-time PCR studies as well as other custom assays.

A free 1-2 hour seminar is offered a couple times a year and is designed to educate the novice QPCR user with the terminology and methods most commonly employed. Hands-on training is offered upon request and provides in-depth training at the bench and data analysis with a qualified technician and the core manager for $427.00.  Contact core personnel for scheduling. Two weeks advance notice is usually required.

Consultations for assay or project design are subject to charges of $142.00/hr. If our laboratory members provide significant intellectual input for a study, then authorship is typically warranted.


Listed below are presentations from seminars sponsored by the Genome Analysis Core on core resources and specific technologies. (All files in PDF.)

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A searchable database of core facilities at all UCSF campus locations, provided by the Clinical and Translational Science Institute at UCSF, is available here.