Genome Analysis Publications

Selected Publications for Which the Genome Analysis Core Has Made Significant Contributions

(2011). Cancer genetics: Teasing apart cancer’s influences. Nature 470, 143-143.

Bauer, J., Curtin, J.A., Pinkel, D., and Bastian, B.C. (2007). Congenital melanocytic nevi frequently harbor NRAS mutations but no BRAF mutations. J Invest Dermatol 127, 179-182.

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Feiler, H.S., Gascard, P., Parvin, B., Spellman, P.T., Shokat, K.M., Wyrobek, A.J., Bissell, M.J., McCormick, F., Kuo, W.L., Mills, G.B., Gray, J.W., and

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