Reverse Transcription/cDNA Synthesis


The Genome Core performs reverse transcription on total RNA.


The reverse transcriptase is an RNaseH+ modified, MMLV-derived enzyme mixed with an RNase inhibitor. The H+ aspect of the RNase allows greater sensitivity in detecting RNA transcripts and, therefore, less RNA (as little as 100 fg according to manufacturer). The kit uses a blend of oligo (dT) and random hexamers to prime cDNA synthesis which is the recommended method of cDNA synthesis for QPCR.

Available here.

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What to Provide
Please provide the core with the RNA samples to be reverse transcribed in labeled 1.5ml eppendorf tubes. If you know the concentration of your samples please make note on your order form and provide a MIMIMUM of 1500ng per sample, if possible. If you do not know the concentration please include extra volume for use with our Nanodrop. If we are provided with a limited quantity of RNA we will reverse transcribe the maximum quantity of cDNA possible with the particular sample.  Please also remember to upload the appropriate order form on CoreAdmin.

Additional Resources
A searchable database of core facilities at all UCSF campus locations, provided by the Clinical and Translational Science Institute at UCSF, is available here.