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10X Taqman Buffer

The Genome Core sells 10x TaqMan buffer containing the non-reactive, fluorescent ROX to normalize well-to-well variation.

The principal behind using this buffer is using a passive reference dye in the PCR buffer to normalize the well-to-well variation. This variation can be a result of pipetting errors and/or variation in the optical properties of the 7900 instrument (e.g. fiber optics or optical caps/film). By spiking in a dual labeled probe that emits in the ~620nm range, this signal can be used to normalize the signal in the other wavelengths. The official ABI “buffer A” contains a 5’-FAM-TTTTTTTT-Rox-3’ probe at a final concentration of 60nM. The other buffer components have varied over time, but have basically been a standard PCR buffer without MgCl2. At the Genome Core we make it using ABI PCR Buffer II (P/N 4379878) with additional stabilizers.

Available here.

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