University of California San Francisco
Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center

Tissue Biospecimen Processing

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Specimen Processing Service

Basic histology services for human research tissue, rodent tissues, and human xenografts. Advanced services including immunohistochemistry and biomarker development are available. 

Tissue Processing

  • Optimized lower temperature tissue processing and paraffin embedding
  • Automated processing tailored to tissue type and size
  • Duration of formalin fixation documented and adherence to CAP guidelines
  • Both standard tissue cassettes and mega tissue cassettes can be accommodated
  • Tissue de-calcification

Tissue Sectioning and Slide Staining

  • Unstained or H&E stained slides prepared from FFPE blocks and OCT embedded frozen tissue
  • Tissue scrolls in tubes available from FFPE blocks and OCT embedded tissue
  • Special histochemical stains including: Trichrome (Mason/Gomori); Luxol Fast Blue; Toluidine Blue; Oil Red O

Specimen Storage, Distribution, and Shipping

  • Extensive range of storage options: ambient, -80◦C and vapor phase liquid nitrogen
  • 24h/7d freezer monitoring with on-call/out-of-range response staff
  • Sample receipt, reconciliation, and storage
  • Sample distribution and shipping
  • Complete biospecimen life cycle custodial tracking with integrated barcoding

Basic Histology Training