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Give Breast Cancer the Boot


Give Breast Cancer the BootIn 2008, Jessica Galloway and Nancy Bechtle, along with a group of volunteers, several of them breast cancer survivors, created an event to raise money and build awareness for UCSF’s Breast Care Center. Fundraising events were held in 2008, 2011, 2014, and 2016. Give Breast Cancer the Boot (GBCTB) funds are being made available through this RFP to members of the UCSF community to support breast cancer research or patient support services. Any UCSF faculty or staff members are eligible, provided that the proposed project is research based and/or provides specific benefit to patients that are being treated for breast cancer.


  • Principal Investigators (PIs) must be members of the UCSF community.
  • Projects must directly relate to breast cancer research or breast cancer patient support services. Priority will be given to projects with high scientific impact and/or immediate benefit to patients.
  • The PI must obtain their Department Chair’s signature on the Application Cover Sheet confirming support for the project, that there is adequate space available to conduct the project, and that the PI has salary support during the entire period of the project.
  • The PI must submit a mid-term and final progress report. The PI may be requested to present progress and results to donors and supporters at any time.
  • 2015 awardees may submit a competitive renewal, which will be reviewed with new applications.


Two awards of up to $100,000 and several of up to $50,000 in direct costs will be made. Budgets should not include indirect costs.

The award term is September to August and is allocated in two six-month segments. The second segment is contingent upon receipt of a satisfactory six-month progress report. No-cost extensions (carry-forward) will not be allowed.


Review criteria will include:

  • Quality of scientific investigation.
  • For research-based projects: significance and impact of research.
  • For patient care projects: strength of the potential specific, direct, and measureable impact on patients with breast cancer.
  • Potential to secure future funding to sustain the project beyond the timeline of the project.
  • Potential to scale the project to benefit a larger group of patients in the future.

All applications will be peer reviewed by a multidisciplinary committee, chaired by the President of the HDFCCC and leadership of the Breast Oncology Program (BOP). HDFCCC and BOP leadership, along with representative(s) from GBCTB, will make the final funding decision.


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Questions about suitability of a potential project or clarification about this award mechanism can be addressed to: Erin Bank,