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Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center

Prostate Cancer Program Pilot Research Funding Awards

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Submit a PDF of all application materials by 8:00 am on August 20, 2018 to:

Award Description

The UCSF Prostate Cancer Program seeks to fund pilot projects in prostate cancer research at UCSF or collaborating UC campuses. Funds are available to support three proposals.

Award amount: $50,000 total, direct costs only

Key Dates

  • Application deadline: 8:00 am, Monday, August 20, 2018
  • Award notification date: November 1, 2018
  • Award activation date: January 1, 2019
  • Award duration: 12 months

Eligible applicants

  • UCSF Faculty, including Instructors and Adjunct Professors, as of July 2018
  • UCSF Trainees (e.g., Residents, Fellows) and credentialed staff (e.g., Specialists), mentored by UCSF faculty
  • UC Berkeley and UC Santa Cruz Faculty, collaborating with UCSF Faculty

Research topic

Prostate Cancer

Research discipline

Any, including basic, translational, clinical, and population sciences

Priorities for funding

  • Early career investigators (Assistant Professors and junior)
  • Investigators new to prostate cancer research
  • Unfunded directions requiring pilot funding
  • Interdisciplinary projects

Application Instructions

Each application should be submitted as a single PDF file as specified below. No additional materials should be included in the application file.

Application format requirements:

  • 11 pt. Arial font
  • minimum 0.5 inch margins
  • numbered pages

Application PDF file components:

  1. Completed application cover page(s)
    • Co-applications for collaborative proposals (i.e., with budget to be shared between coawardees) require a cover page for each applicant.
  2. Completed application contents page
  3. Research proposal
    • 2 page maximum, including figures and tables, excluding references
    • The proposal should address background and significance, aims, approach, and potential challenges of the proposed project.
  4. Proposal references
  5. Itemized budget and narrative justification
    • 1 page maximum; format at the discretion of the applicant
    • Costs which are not allowable: administrative salaries, personal computers, travel (other than transit for inter-campus collaboration), subcontracts, student tuition and fees
    • UCSF co-applicants and inter-campus collaborators should indicate explicitly how the budget will be allocated.
  6. C.V. or NIH Biosketch (for each applicant)
  7. Documenation of other funding support for the primary applicant(s) for all active and pending awards. Please include:
    • Sponsor
    • Amount
    • Status (awarded or pending)
    • Award term
    • Project title
  8. Letters of mentorship or collaboration
    • Note: letters of institutional or departmental support are not required; please do not include.
    • A letter of mentorship from a UCSF faculty member is required for trainee and staff applicants.
    • A letter of support/collaboration from a UCSF faculty member is required for non-UCSF applicants.
    • Letters of support from project collaborators of any applicant are welcome.

Complete applications are to be submitted by email to by 8:00AM, August 20, 2018. In the event that the application file size exceeds limits on email attachments, please provide a download link (e.g., from UCSF Box). In fairness to all applicants, late submissions cannot be considered.

Questions about this award program may be directed to Adina Bailey,

Award Selection

Applications will be reviewed by the UCSF Prostate Cancer Program Leadership committee in the selection of three proposals for funding. In addition to the priorities stated under the Award Description, the significance of the proposal to research in prostate cancer, as well as the overall merit of the proposal and promise of the applicant to deliver on the proposal will be evaluated.

Requirements for Release of Funding:

  • Completed award acceptance form, including signature of awardee’s department chair
  • If applicable, CHR and IACUC approvals

Award Obligations:

Written award progress reports must be submitted within 60 days of the termination of the award. Specifications to be provided on award offer.

Progress of funded projects will be presented at the UCSF Prostate Cancer Program 2019 Annual Scientific Retreat.

Publications resulting from funded proposals should acknowledge this award.