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Development Program

Developmental Research Projects

  • Fine Mapping of Chromosome 20 Susceptibility Locus in Breast Cancer. (Elad Ziv)
  • Functional detection of the targetable kinome of chemotherapy-resistant triple-negative breast cancer. (Jean-Phillipe Coppé)
  • Drug Penetrance as a Predictor of Response to Veliparib/Carboplatin in triple negative breast cancer. (Rada Savic, Imke Bartelink)
  • Predictive Biomarkers and Novel Targets in BC at the Immune-Oncogenic Interface. (Denise Wolf, Max Krummel, Michael Campbell)

Career Development Projects

2013 Fall Cycle Resource Allocation Program Pilot Awards

  • Dr. Jae Lee, "Therapeutic Use of Microvesicles for Breast Cancer with Lung Metastases"
  • Dr. Jeroen Roose, "RasGRP-mTOR signals in mammary gland development and breast carcinoma"
  • Luika Timmerman, "Potentiation of Chemotherapeutics and Radiation Therapy by xCT Inhibition in Breast Cancer"