Scientific Accomplishments

M.McMahon P.Munster
Program Leader: Pamela Munster, MD
Program Co-Leader: Martin McMahon, PhD

Scientific Accomplishments

Landmark scientific accomplishments from Developmental Therapeutics Program members include:

  • Dr. Moasser, in collaboration with Dr. Shokat, described a novel, HER3 dependent mechanism of escape from HER/EGFR inhibitors (Sergina et al, Nature, 445, 437-41, 2007).

  • Dr. Morgan performed a global analysis of phosphorylation sites in substrates of the key cell cycle regulated protein kinase, CDK1 (Holt et al. Science 325 1682-6 2009).

  • Program Co-Leader Dr. McMahon showed that BRAF V600E cooperates with PTEN loss to induce metastatic melanoma in a mouse model that faithfully reproduces the human disease and provides an excellent model for testing new therapies and combinations (Dankort et al, Nature Genetics, 42, 544-52, 2009).

  • Dr. Wells invented an innovative strategy to regulate and identify substrates of caspases (Gray et al, Cell 142, 637-46, 2010).

  • Nobel Laureate Dr. Blackburn reported a general mechanism for promoting telomere crisis leading to the death of cancer cells (Stohr et al Mol Cell 39 307-14 2010).

  • Program leader Dr. Munster reported clinical and biological effects of an HDAC inhibitor in a phase I/II clinical trial (Munster et al Clin Cancer Res, 15, 2488-96, 2009).