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I. Craig Henderson, MD

I. Craig Henderson, MD

Adjunct Professor, Department of Medicine (Hematology/Oncology), UCSF

Cancer Center Program Memberships

Affiliate Member


Grinnell College, Grinnell, IA, A.B., 1963
Columbia University, College of Physicians & Surgeons, New York, NY, M.D., 1970

Professional Experience

  • 1970-1972
    Intern and Resident in Medicine, Presbyterian Hospital, New York, NY
  • 1972-1974
    Research Associate, Viral Leukemia and Lymphoma Branch, NCI, Bethesda
  • 1974-1975
    Clinical Fellow in Medicine, Sydney Farber Cancer Inst., Harvard Medical School (HMS)
  • 1975-1976
    Instructor of Medicine, Sydney Farber Cancer Inst., HMS
  • 1976-1984
    Assistant Professor of Medicine, Dana-Farber Cancer Inst., HMS
  • 1979-1992
    Founder and Director, Breast Evaluation Center, Dana-Farber Cancer Inst., Boston
  • 1981-1982
    Consultant, Cancer Unit, World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland
  • 1982-1996
    Breast Core Committee, Cancer and Acute Leukemia Group B (Chairman 1990-1995)
  • 1983-1993
    Subcommittee on Antineoplastic and Immunosuppressive Drugs, Committee on Essential Drugs, World Health Organization (Chairman 1983)
  • 1984-1992
    Associate Professor of Medicine, Dana-Farber Cancer Inst., HMS, Boston
  • 1985-1993
    World Health Organization Expert Advisory Panel on Cancer, Geneva
  • 1985-1995
    Early Breast Cancer Trialists Collaborative Group (Oxford Overview Group) (Chairman 1985-1995)
  • 1987-1990
    United States Congressional Office of Technology Assessment: Working Group on Immuno-Augmentative Therapy
  • 1988-1994
    National Task Force on Breast Cancer Control, American Cancer Society
  • 1989-1992
    Member, Oncologic Drugs Advisory Committee, FDA (Chairman 1990-1992)
  • 1991-1993
    Education Committee, American Society of Clinical Oncology
  • 1992-1995
    Professor of Medicine, University of California San Francisco (UCSF)
  • 1992-1995
    Chief, Division of Oncology, Moffitt-Long-Mt. Zion
  • 1992-1995
    Assoc. Director for Clinical Oncology in Comprehensive Cancer Center, UCSF (Interim)
  • 1992-1996
    Founder, PI, Bay Area Breast Cancer Translational Research Program (NIH Specialized Program of Research Excellence, SPORE)
  • 1996-present
    Steering Committee Member, Bay Area Breast Cancer Translational Research Program (NIH Specialized Program of Research Excellence, SPORE)
  • 1995-present
    Adjunct Professor of Medicine, University of California San Francisco
  • 1995-1999
    CEO and Chairman, SEQUUS Pharmaceuticals, Menlo Park Ca.
  • 1999-present
    Senior Consultant, Alza Corporation, Mountain View, Ca. (Director 1999-2001)
  • 2000-present
    Institute of Medicine Committee on Technologies for the Early Detection of Breast Cancer (Vice Chairman)
  • 2000-present
    Breast Cancer Research Council of the State of California
  • 2001-present
    President and Director, Access Oncology, Inc., New York City, NY

Honors & Awards

  • 1966
    Merck, Sharpe and Dohme International Fellow, Columbia University
  • 1970
    Research Prize, Columbia University Medical Society
  • 1988
    Fellow, American College of Physicians
  • 1987
    Henrietta Banting Memorial Lecturer, Canada
  • 1992
    General Motors Cancer Research Foundation Lecturer, The Royal Marsden
  • 1992
    Bernard L. Schwartz Lecturer, Scripps Memorial Hospitals
  • 1993
    British Oncological Association Lecturer, United Kingdom
  • 1993
    Distinguished Alumnus Award, Grinnell College
  • 1994
    Doctorate of Science, Grinnell College
  • 1996
    Wendell Scott Lecture, American College of Radiology
  • 1997
    Fellow, Royal College of Physicians (Edinburgh)
  • 1999
    Outstanding Industry Leader in Medical Research, California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute
  • 2000
    Millennium Award from Bristol-Myers Squibb Oncology and Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation

Selected Publications

  1. Henderson IC. With Decades of Perspective, Craig Henderson Observes That Treatment of Breast Cancer Has Come a Long Way. Oncology (Williston Park). 2017 05 15; 31(5):346-8.
    View on PubMed
  2. Henderson IC. Targeted therapy: a sea change in the treatment of cancer. Oncology (Williston Park). 2012 Nov; 26(11):1035, 1039.
    View on PubMed
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  4. Henderson IC. Can we abandon anthracyclines for early breast cancer patients? Oncology (Williston Park). 2011 Feb; 25(2):115-24, 127.
    View on PubMed
  5. Henderson IC. Adjuvant chemotherapy is not for everyone. Breast Cancer Res Treat. 2010 Aug; 123(1):159-62.
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  9. Lamont EB, Herndon JE, Weeks JC, Henderson IC, Lilenbaum R, Schilsky RL, Christakis NA. Measuring clinically significant chemotherapy-related toxicities using Medicare claims from Cancer and Leukemia Group B (CALGB) trial participants. Med Care. 2008 Mar; 46(3):303-8.
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  10. Liu MC, Demetri GD, Berry DA, Norton L, Broadwater G, Robert NJ, Duggan D, Hayes DF, Henderson IC, Lyss A, Hopkins J, Kaufman PA, Marcom PK, Younger J, Lin N, Tkaczuk K, Winer EP, Hudis CA. Dose-escalation of filgrastim does not improve efficacy: clinical tolerability and long-term follow-up on CALGB study 9141 adjuvant chemotherapy for node-positive breast cancer patients using dose-intensified doxorubicin plus cyclophosphamide followed by paclitaxel. Cancer Treat Rev. 2008 May; 34(3):223-30.
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