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member announcement 6/18/2019
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Submit Nominations for STAT Wunderkinds

STAT Wunderkinds is a chance to celebrate young researchers who are not yet independent scientists or program leaders. The winners will be featured on www.statnews.com and invited to a cocktail reception at the STAT Summit in Cambridge, MA on November 20, 2019.


Postdoctoral fellows, medical residents, interns, medical fellows, and industry scientists who have completed their terminal degree (Ph.D., M.D., D.O., Sci.D., D.D.S., or the equivalent) and are in their first job/training program after, somewhere in North America. A person who started 2019 as a graduate student must have started their postdoc or next step by April 1, 2019. Nominees should be done with their degree, and on the next leg of their career, but not running their own research program independently.

If chosen, he or she will need to be available for a short interview sometime during late summer/early fall, and he or she will hopefully be available in October for a celebration at HUBweek.

Internal Nomination

To participate, submit your nomination here by 7/29/19. Self-nominations are welcome. HDFCCC leadership will review the nominees and select several to move on to the final round.


Send questions to Meredith Donnelly, meredith.donnelly@ucsf.edu

Upcoming Funding Deadlines

  • July 1: Innovation Award from Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation
    The Damon Runyon-Rachleff Innovation Award provides support for the next generation of exceptionally creative thinkers with "high-risk/high-reward" ideas that have the potential to significantly impact our understanding of and/or approaches to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. This award is specifically designed to provide funding for extraordinary early career researchers who have an innovative, new idea but lack sufficient preliminary data to obtain traditional funding. The research supported by the award must be novel, exceptionally creative and, if successful, have the strong potential for high impact in the cancer field.
  • July 15: NIH Common Fund Director's Early Independence Awards [LSO]
    Purpose: to support exceptional investigators who wish to pursue independent research directly after completion of their terminal doctoral/research degree or clinical residency, thereby forgoing the traditional post-doctoral training period and accelerating their entry into an independent research career.
  • July 22: NCCN/AstraZeneca Quality of Care Evaluations in Advanced Ovarian Cancer Request for Proposals (RFP)
    The intent of this RFP is to encourage investigators at NCCN Member Institutions to submit letters of intent (LOIs) describing concepts for developing, implementing, and evaluating initiatives to improve patient outcomes in Stages III/IV and recurrent EOC. Studies aimed at enhancing the quality of multiple aspects of patient interaction and management throughout the clinical care continuum will be eligible. Special consideration will be given to "outside the box" innovative projects, with a special focus on optimizing testing and effectiveness of new healthcare-related paradigms.

More RFAs of Interest to Cancer Center Members

The following funding opportunities directly align with HDFCCC goals. If you are interested in applying and receiving grant-writing support, please contact Erin Bank.

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Cancer Research in 2030

Cancer Research 2030Meetings of the Cancer Research in 2030 Task Forces are underway! You still have a chance to be involved. To learn more, visit the Cancer Research 2030 website or contact Erin Bank.

The Task Forces are:

(1) Understanding the Mechanisms of Cancer (etiology)
(2) Preventing Cancer
(3) Detecting and Diagnosing Cancer
(4) Developing Cancer Cures
(5) Delivering Health Care to All
(6) Developing Tools to Study Cancer

Program Meetings and Events

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