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Announcements 11/12/2014
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  • Sabine Mueller, 2014 V Foundation Designated Grant
  • Steven DuBois, 2014 V Foundation Designated Grant
  • Trever Bivona, 2014 Young Innovators Team Award for Lung Cancer Research (Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation and Van Auken Private Foundation)
  • Katie Kelley, NCI 2014 Cancer Clinical Investigator Team Leadership Award
  • Mitchel Berger, Voices Agaist Brain Cancer Gary Lichtenstein Humanitarian Award
  • Margaretta Page, Jane Rabbitt, Voices Agaist Brain Cancer Compassionate Care Award Recipients
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Upcoming Events

HDFCCC Speakers/Programmatic Events
  • 11/12: BMS Seminar Speaker - Kevan Shokat
    "Small molecule drugs for correcting genetic disorders, from neurodegeneration to cancer"
  • 11/14: Cancer Center Seminar
    "Tumor Suppression by the SCF-Fbw7 Ubiquitin Ligase: Mechanisms and Opportunities", Bruce Clurman, MD, PhD, Jose Carreras/E. Donnall Thomas Endowed Chair for Cancer Research; Member, Divisions of Clinical Research and Human Biology, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
  • 11/19: Diller Building Journal Club
    Morgan Truitt, Ruggero Lab
  • 11/21: Cancer Center Seminar
    "Triple Negative Breast Cancer: Subtypes, Molecular Targets, and Therapeutic Approaches", ennifer Pietenpol, PhD, Director, Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center, B.F. Byrd Jr. Professor of Oncology, Professor of Biochemistry & Cancer Biology
  • March 15-16, 2015: SAVE The DATE - HDFCCC Scientific Retreat (Chaminda Resort, Santa Cruz)

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