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Limited Submission Opportunities

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Intramural Funding Opportunities

  • Deadline: January 24
    The Cancer League RFA
    The Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center has been invited by The Cancer League to submit requests for funding. The Cancer League's goal is to advance treatment that has the opportunity to impact as many lives as possible, and new ideas that may be deemed unorthodox or haven't been considered in the past are requested. The Cancer League's primary interest is in funding research projects that need seed money to gain traction or to get closer to a clinical trial. In addition, projects that take an existing form of treatment, but make it better or more palatable for the patient population are equally as welcomed. Proposals for patient services will also be considered, though the majority of funding will go towards research projects.
  • LOI Deadline: January 29   |  Proposal Deadline: April 2
    UC Cancer Research Coordinating Committee (CRCC) Faculty Seed Grants RFP

    The CRCC is a systemwide, faculty-directed cancer research program that provides one-year seed grants for topics in any discipline that address any aspect of cancer, including its origins, prevention and cure. CRCC funds support meritorious research spanning all areas from basic research to applied clinical and community-based research in any field relevant to cancer. Eligible PIs must be members of the Academic Senate at one of the ten UC campuses. 
  • Deadline: February 15
    UCaMP Call for M-PDTX Pilot Studies 

    The University of California Minority Patient-Derived Xenograft Trial and Development Center (UCaMP) comprised of UC Davis (lead), UCSF, UCI, and UCLA is accepting applications to contribute to the achievement of the UCaMP’s overall objectives of developing PDX trial strategies for preclinical testing of single agents and drug combinations, with a focus on the predominant racial/ethnic minority populations residing in California, namely, Hispanic/Latino Americans [HLAs], Asian Americans/Native Hawaiians/Pacific Islanders [AANHPIs], and African Americans [AAs]. The focus will be on gastric and liver cancers that disproportionately affect HLA’s and AANHPIs as well as populations of color for bladder and lung cancer using FDA approved therapeutic agents. 
  • LOI Deadline: February 20
    2020 CARE-UC Innovation Fellowship Program Funding Opportunity

    The CARE-UC Innovation Fellowship is a research and training opportunity established by CARE USA’s Innovation Team and the University of California, in collaboration with the UC Blum Center Network. The Fellowship is intended to strengthen the workforce pipeline of expertly-trained individuals whose training and expertise can alleviate poverty and improve human conditions in California, regionally and internationally. The Fellowship is open to UC graduate students in good academic standing from any discipline or degree program.
  • Deadline: March 11
    UCSF Center for Aging in Diverse Communities (CADC) Scientist Program

    The CADC is now requesting applications for CADC Scientists who will conduct pilot studies to investigate research questions within the scope of CADC’s goals among older African American, Latino, Asian American, Pacific Islander populations, or sexual and gender minorities of any race/ethnicity. We are committed to mentoring CADC Scientists during and following their one-year pilot study to support development of a successful research career.

Foundations/Other Sources

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