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COVID Information from the Psycho-Oncology team

A message from Jamie Cohen, PsyD, on managing stress at this unusual time.

Update: At this time, UCSF is restricting access to in-person nonessential medical visits and programs due to COVID19.

Psycho-Oncology and Cancer Supportive Care Services are committed to offering psychological support with as little interruption as possible while ensuring the continued safety, comfort, and wellbeing of our patients and community.

At this time, Psycho-Oncology clinical services will be offered exclusively via the Zoom telehealth platform. Group programs are being converted to video wherever possible. We will be contacting patients with scheduled appointments to convert those visits to video.

Please call at 415-353-7019 with any questions or concerns about how to access supportive care. We look forward to continue being of support as we weather this challenging time together.

Psycho-Oncology at the Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center includes psychologists and psychiatrists who care deeply about the emotional needs of patients and their families as they cope with cancer and treatment.

The team works closely with Cancer Center providers to identify and address challenges with adjusting to the illness; the stresses of medical treatment; emotional needs; relationships and caregiving; coping with pain, insomnia and other symptoms; and much more. Providers use behavioral approaches and medication to help individuals who are facing cancer and treatment, and life beyond. The clinical service is open to individuals being treated at UCSF and their family members. We collaborate with other supportive care programs, such as the Cancer Resource Center, social work, Spiritual Care Services and the Symptom Management Service, to provide the best possible care for our patients and their families.

An important mission of Psycho-Oncology at UCSF is to raise the standard of psychosocial care across the Cancer Center through educational activities and research.

Contact Us

Monday-Friday (except holidays)
8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Please use this number if you need to leave a message for a member of Psycho-Oncology, or if you need to reschedule an appointment.

Survivorship Wellness Orientation: For Post-Treatment Cancer Patients

This is a monthly orientation held for people who are interested in enrolling in Survivorship Wellness, an 8-week clinical program focused on helping survivors of cancer learn about, set goals, and practice skills to optimize their health and wellness after cancer treatment. It is held on Mondays from 1:30 - 3:00 pm.  

Coping with Stress: 5-Week Group Program for People with Cancer

Living with cancer is never easy, but during this incredibly strange and isolating time, we know that stress and anxiety levels are higher than normal. This class, which will be held virtually using Zoom, will be a great opportunity to "meet" other patients and learn strategies to be calmer, manage stress, and cope better. Held on Wednesdays, September 30 - October 28. Call (415) 353-9751 to register.

NOTE: Due to the UCSF Interim Policy on Large Events and Gatherings in light of COVID-19, many events have been cancelled or postponed. If you are interested in an event, please contact the event organizer for confirmation.

VIDEO: "Living with NETS: Optimizing Emotional Wellbeing for Patients and Their Caregivers"

Dianne M. Shumay, PhD
Associate Directory, Psycho-Oncology, UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center


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