CCGL:Clinical Cancer Genomics Laboratory

Assembling a Panel of Clinically Relevant Cancer Genes for CLIA Testing

The UCSF Molecular Pathology Laboratory is introducing mutation testing for cancer genes for patient care.

The assay uses hybridization-based target enrichment to analyze several hundred cancer genes for mutation and copy number changes.  Selected genes are also analyzed for structural rearrangements (listed separately below). The assay does not asses epigenetic alterations.
This webpage is meant as a tool that allows to review which genes are currently included for testing, and for you to provide requests to be added to this list.

 For reference:  See Cancer gene panels posted in the CCGL Executive Committee Chatter group
Mutation Panel Comparison
(scroll or type the first letter to locate the gene)

Rearrangment Panel Comparison:
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Submission for the 1. Version of the UCSF 500 Cancer Gene Panel is now closed.
Your requests will be considered for Version 2.

To submit requests:
  1. Type the gene in the text box.
  2. Indicate what genetic alterations ( mutation, amplification, etc.) you want to be tested. 
  3. Paste the PMIDs into the field PubMed references. (References supporting the clinical application of testing or technical aspects of testing for the respective gene are highly welcomed.)
  4. Please feel free to add comments.