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October 29, 2012

Welcome HDFCCC Members!  

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Funding Opportunities

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Limited Submission Opportunities

(Applications through LSO office)


Intramural Funding Opportunities

  • Deadline: Feb 22
    Resource Allocation Program (RAP)

    RAP offers a single online application process for a wide variety of intramural grant offerings. Pilots of interest include:
      > Pilot for Established Investigators in Basic and Clinical/Translational Sciences
      > Pilot for Junior Investigators in Basic and Clinical/Translational Sciences
      > Informing Tobacco Product Regulation
      > Team Science Grant
      > Catalyst Awards for the Development of Diagnostics, Devices, Therapeutics, Digital Health
      > and more!
  • Deadline: Feb 26
    Pfizer CTI: Biotherapeutic and Small-Molecule Targets
    These are joint collaborative programs whereby UCSF and Pfizer CTI scientists work together on developing novel therapeutics, large and small molecules. We are interested in early project ideas in:
    > Oncology
    > Inflammation and immune disorders
    > Cardiovascular and metabolic diseases
    > Neuroscience
    > Rare monogenetic diseases

Investigator Awards/Prizes

  • None at this time

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