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Funding Opportunities

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Limited Submission Opportunities

(Applications through LSO office)

Intramural Funding Opportunities

  • Deadline: March 31
    UCSF Staff Assembly - Staff Scholarship Program

    Career, non-represented (non-union) staff may apply for $300 scholarships for professional development.
  • Deadline: April 7
    Cancer Center Impact Grant

    The Cancer Center is offering a $250,000 grant to support a research project that will impact cancer. Any area relevant to cancer will be considered, and anyone from the UCSF community may apply.
  • Early Proof-of-Concept funding. For target(s) and/or mechanism(s) ideas in need of more validation. Typical project funding ranges from $100,000 - $150,000 for up to 12 months to awarded UCSF lab.
    - Multi-year joint programs to discovery new therapeutics. Typical project funding range of $200,000 - $500,000 per year to awarded UCSF lab. For successful programs that produce therapeutics for clinical trial development, there are additional milestone and royalty payments to UCSF and investigators.
    - UCSF contact: Peter Kotsonis,

Foundations/Other Sources

  • Deadline: Mar 13
    2017 Prostate Cancer Foundation Young Investigator Awards

    PCF Young Investigator Awards will be three (3) years in duration and will provide $75,000 per year. The award funds may be used flexibly to advance the career and research efforts of the awardee.
  • LOI due: Apr 5
    Harrington Scholar-Innovator Program [RFA

    The purpose of the Harrington Scholar-Innovator Program is to advance physician-scientist-initiated projects aimed at clinical introduction of new medicines (drugs or biologics). The specific focus of eligible projects includes fundamental discovery (elucidation of novel targets and leads) or development of novel drugs or biologics or drug-device combinations.
  • Deadline: Apr 28
    Paul Marks Prize for Cancer Research

    This prize recognizes a new generation of leaders in cancer research, who are making significant contributions to the understanding of cancer or are improving the treatment of the disease through basic or clinical research. The prize is intended to encourage young investigators who have a unique opportunity to help shape the future of cancer research.
  • Deadline: June 1
    National Academy of Medicine Fellowship Program

    The NAM Fellowship program allows early-career health science scholars to participate in evidence-based health care or public health studies that affect the health of the American people. Through direct involvement in health- and medicine-related work of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (the National Academies), the program prepares young investigators to contribute to the future direction of health care throughout their careers while also accelerating their career development.

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