Site Committee Chairs and Administrators

For each site, committee chair(s) are followed by administrators, when available.

Chair: John Park, MD, 502-3844, Box 1710
Co-Chair: Laura Esserman, MD, 885-7691, Box 1710
Administrator: Ivy Wong, 353-7873, Box 1710

Cancer Immunotherapy Program (CIP)
Chair: Lawrence Fong, MD, 514-3160, Box 1270
Co-Chair: Peter Sayre, MD, 353-4423, Box 1213
Administrator: Joy Cannon, 502-3498, Box 0519

Cutaneous Oncology
Chair: Adil Daud, MD, 353-7392, Box 1770
Co-Chair: Katy Tsai, MD, 353-9900, Box 1770
Administrator: Kristine Winters, 514-6714, Box 1297

Developmental Therapeutics Program (DTP)
Chair: Pamela Munster, MD, 353-7287, Box 1770
Co-Chair: Mark Moasser, MD, 353-7070, Box 0875
Administrator: Kamran Abri Lavasani, 353-7084, Box 1297

Gastrointestinal (includes Anal Dysplasia)
Chair: Andrew Ko, MD, 353- 7286, Box 1705
Co-Chair: Emily Bergsland, MD, 353-7065, Box 1705
Administrator: Julie Sudduth-Klinger, 353-7463, Box 1297

Genitourinary (includes Prostate)
Chair: Charles Ryan, MD, 353-9279, Box 1711
Co-Chair: Kirsten Greene, MD, 353-7171, Box 1695
Administrator: Paula Dutton, 885-7871, Box 1711

Gynecologic Oncology
Chair: Lee-may Chen, MD, 885-7204, Box 1702
Co-Chair: Karen Smith-McCune, MD, PhD, 476-7882, Box 1718
Co-Chair: Edwin Alvarez, MD, 885-7561, Box 1702
Administrator: Kimberly Silverio, 514-6275, Box 0981

Hematopoietic (Adult)
Chair: Thomas Martin, MD, 353-9365, Box 0324
Co-Chair: Babis Andreadis, MD, 353-8363, Box 0324
Administrator: Erika Cavallone, 476-4765, Box 1270

Chair: Nicholas Butowski, MD, 353-7500, Box 0372
Co-Chair: Jennifer Clarke, MD, 353-2382, Box 0372
Administrator: Ashley DeSilva, 353-2653, Box 0372

Oral, Head & Neck (includes Endocrine)
Chair: Alain Algazi, MD, 353-7552, Box 1770
Co-Chair:  Sue Yom, MD, 353-9893, Box 1708
Administrator: Kyu Cha, 502-3081, Box 0875

Pediatric Oncology/Pediatric Leukemia
Chair: Annu Banerjee, MD, 353-2880, Box 0372
Co-Chair: Robert Goldsby, MD, 476-3831, Box 0106
Co-Chair: Katherine Matthay, MD, 476.3831, Box 0106
Co-chair: Kieuhoa Vo, MD, 476-3831, Box 0434
AdministratorMichael Wong, 476-2218, Box 0434

Radiation Oncology
Chair: Mary Feng, MD, 502-7222, Box 4001
Co-Chair: Adam Garsa, MD, 353-9893, Box 1708
AdministratorArla Yost, 514-9603, Box 1708

Supportive Care
Chair: Chris Miaskowski, RN, PhD, FAAN, 476-9407, Box 0610

Thoracic (includes Other)
Chair: Matthew Gubens, MD, 353-9674, Box 1705
Co-Chair:Thierry Jahan, MD, 885-3792, Box 1705
Administrator: Emily Houlihan, 353-7143, Box 1297

Additional Resources

A searchable database of core facilities at all UCSF campus locations, provided by the Clinical and Translational Science Institute at UCSF, is available here.

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