Lawrence W. Green, DrPH

Lawrence W. Green, DrPH

Adjunct Professor, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, UCSF; and UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center

Phone: (415) 514-8115 (voice)
Box 0981, UCSF
San Francisco, CA 94143-0981

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University of California, Berkeley, B.S., 1962, public health, social sciences and biological sciences
University of California, Berkeley, M.P.H., 1966
University of California, Berkeley, Dr.P.H. 1968, public health education, minors in demography and psychometrics

Professional Experience

  • 1962
    Commissioned Officer, Student Training and Extern Program, US Public Health Service
  • 1963
    Student Professional Assistant, California State Department of Public Health, Berkeley, CA
  • 1963
    Field Training for M.P.H., Contra Costa County Health Department, Martinez, CA
  • 1963-1965
    Ford Foundation Project Associate, University of California Public Health Education Research Project (East Pakistan Research and Evaluation Centre), Dacca (now Dhaka, Bangladesh), and Pakistan Institute of Development Economics, Karachi, Pakistan.
  • 1968-1970
    Lecturer in Public Health and Coordinator, Doctoral Research Training in Public Health Education, School of Public Health, University of California at Berkeley.
  • 1970-1972
    Assistant Professor of Public Health Administration and Population Dynamics, School of Hygiene and Public Health, The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
  • 1972-1977
    Assistant Dean; founding Head, Division of Health Education; Associate Professor of Health Services Administration, Population Dynamics, and Behavioral Sciences, School of Public Health, The Johns Hopkins University.
  • 1977-1979
    Professor of Health Services Administration, Population Dynamics and Behavioral Sciences, School of Hygiene and Public Health, and of Oncology, School of Medicine, The Johns Hopkins University. Head, Division of Health Education;
  • 1979-1981
    Director, U.S. Office of Health Information, Health Promotion and Physical Fitness and Sports Medicine (now Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion), in the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health (Surgeon General of the Public Health Service), Department of Health and Human Services, Washington, D.C.
  • 1981-1982
    Visiting Lecturer, Harvard University, Division of Health Policy Research and Education (Department of Social Medicine and Health Policy, Harvard Medical School; and Department of Behavioral Sciences, Harvard School of Public Health).
  • 1981-1988
    Director, Center for Health Promotion Research and Development (a World Health Organization Collaborating Center), University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. Professor, Department of Family Practice and Community Medicine, Medical School. Professor of Behavioral Sciences, School of Public Health, Houston, TX
  • 1988-1991
    Vice President, Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation; Director of the Health Promotion Programs.
  • 1991
    Visiting Research Social Scientist, Institute for Health Policy Studies, School of Medicine, University of California at San Francisco. CA.
  • 1991-1999
    Director, Institute of Health Promotion Research, Faculty of Graduate Studies, and Professor and Head, Division of Preventive Medicine and Health Promotion, Department of Health Care and Epidemiology, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC.
  • 1999-2001
    Distinguished Fellow/Visiting Scientist, Office on Smoking and Health, and Director, WHO-CDC Collaborating Center on Global Tobacco Control, Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, CDC, U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, Atlanta, GA
  • 2001-2004
    Director, Office of Science & Extramural Research; Associate Director for Prevention Research and Academic Partnerships, Public Health Practice Program Office, Distinguished Fellow/Visiting Scientist, CDC, Atlanta, GA.
  • 2004-2005
    Visiting Professor, School of Public Health, University of California at Berkeley.
  • 2005-
    Adjunct Professor, UCSF Dept of Epidemiology and Biostatistics; and UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center, Population Sciences, University of California at San Francisco, CA

Honors & Awards

  • (selected since 1990)
  • 1990
    Tribute of friends and donors, establishing the Lawrence W. Green Scholarship Award at the School of Public Health, University of California at Berkeley
  • 1991
    Doyen Jacques Perisot Medal (for body of writing on research and practice), International Union for Health Promotion and Education (Paris)
  • 1994
    Alumnus of the Year Award, University of California School of Public Health, Berkeley
  • 1994
    American Public Health Association 1994 Award for Excellence ("for exceptionally meritorious contributions to the improvement of the health of the people ... creative work of particular effectiveness in applying scientific knowledge or innovative organizational work to the betterment of public health.")
  • 1994
    University of British Columbia Killam Faculty Research Prize ($10,000)
  • 1995
    Lansdowne Lecturer, University of Victoria
  • 1996
    University of Newcastle Vice Chancellor's Best Practices Research Scholar Award, Faculty of Medicine
  • 1997
    John P. McGovern Award, University of Texas Health Sciences Center at Houston
  • 1997
    Health Promotion and Education Advocacy Award "For his advocacy to furtherthe science of evaluation for health promotion and disease prevention," Centers for Disease Control and the Association of State and Territorial Directors of Health Promotion and Public Health Education.
  • 1998
    Healthtrac (Fries) Foundation Public Health Education Prize for 1998 ($25,000).
  • 2000
    Elected Fellow and Recipient of First Scholar Laureate Award, American Academy of Health Behavior
  • 2001
    Special Service Award, CDC, for "outstanding leadership as Acting Director of the Office on Smoking and Health"
  • 2002
    Health Education Hall of Fame Award, Philadelphia.
  • 2004-
    Honorario Presidente, Fundacin para Educacin de Salud, Madrid, Spain..
  • 2004-
    Tribute of Society for Public Health Education, naming the award for the annual best paper in the journal, Health Education and Behavior, the Lawrence W. Green Award, from November 2004.
  • 2004
    Mayhew Derryberry Award for Behavioral and Social Science Contributions to Health Education, American Public Health Association Public Health Education and Health Promotion Section
  • 2006
    Honorary Doctor of Science degree conferred by University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
  • 2009
    Elected to the Institute of Medicine, National Academies

Selected Publications

  • Green, L.W. From research to "best practices" in other settings and populations (Research Laureate address). American Journal of Health Behavior 25:165-178, April-May 2001.
  • Green, L.W., Nathan, R., Mercer, S.L. The health of health promotion in public policy: Drawing inspiration from the tobacco control movement. Health Prom J Australia 12(2): 12-18, 2001.
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