Luika Timmerman, PhD

Luika Timmerman, PhD

Assistant Research Molecular Biologist and Independent Investigator, UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Center

Phone: (415) 385-5735
UCSF Box 0875
San Francisco, CA 94143-0875

Cancer Center Membership

Member » Breast Oncology


Stanford University, Stanford California, MS, 1987, Biology
Stanford University, Stanford California, PhD, 1999, Immunology
University of California at San Francisco, Postdoctoral Research, 2000-2003, Cancer Biology


Professional Experience

  • 1988-1990
    Research Technician, with Prof. Hugh McDevitt, Stanford University
  • 1990-1999
    Graduate Research/Teaching Assistant with Prof. Gerald Crabtree, Stanford University
  • 2000-2002
    Carol Frank Buck Plummer Fellowship, UCSF/Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center.
  • 2000-2003
    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, UCSF/Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center, with Dr. Frank McCormick
  • 2004-present
    Assistant Research Molecular Biologist and Independent Investigator, UCSF/Diller Family Comprehensive Center

Selected Publications

  • Timmerman LA; Holton T; Yuneva M; Louie RJ; Padró M; Daemen A; Hu M; Chan DA; Ethier SP ; van 't Veer LJ ; Polyak K ; McCormick F ; Gray JW. Glutamine sensitivity analysis identifies the xCT antiporter as a common triple negative breast tumor therapeutic target. Cancer Cell, in press.
  • Kuemmerle NB; Rysman E; Lombardo PS; Flanagan AJ; Lipe BC; Wells WA; Pettus JR; Froehlich HM; Memoli VA; Morganelli PM; Swinnen JV; Timmerman LA; Chaychi L; Fricano CJ; Eisenberg BL; Coleman WB; Kinlaw WB. Lipoprotein lipase links dietary fat to solid tumor cell proliferation. Molecular Cancer Therapeutics (2011), 10; 427. PMID: 21282354
  • Additional Publications
  • Fronek Z; Timmerman LA; McDevitt HO. A rare HLA DQB allele sequenced from patients with systemic lupus erythematosus. Hum Immunol. (1991), 30(2), 77-84. PMID: 2022497
  • Northrop JP; Ho SN; Chen L; Thomas DJ; Timmerman LA; Nolan GP; Admon A; Crabtree GR. NF-AT components define a family of transcription factors targeted in T-cell activation. Nature (1994), Jun 9, 369(6480), 497-502. PMID: 8202141
  • Ho SN; Thomas DJ; Timmerman LA; Li X; Francke U; Crabtree GR. NFATc3, a lymphoid-specific NFATc family member that is calcium-regulated and exhibits distinct DNA binding specificity. J Biol Chem. (1995), 270(34),19898-907. PMID: 7650004
  • Li X; Ho SN; Luna J; Giacalone J; Thomas DJ; Timmerman LA; Crabtree GR; Francke U. Cloning and chromosomal location of the human and murine genes for the T-cell transcription factors NFATc and NFATp. Cytogenet Cell Genet. (1995), 68(3-4): 185-91. PMID: 7842733
  • Timmerman LA; Clipstone NA; Ho SN; Northrop JP; Crabtree GR. Rapid shuttling of NF-AT in discrimination of Ca2+ signals and immunosuppression. Nature (1996), 383(6603), 837-40. PMID: 8893011
  • Weiss DL; Hural J; Tara D; Timmerman LA; Henkel G; Brown MA. Nuclear factor of activated T cells is associated with a mast cell interleukin 4 transcription complex. Mol Cell Biol. (1996), 16(1), 228-35. PMID: 8524300
  • Timmerman LA; Healy JI; Ho SN; Chen L; Goodnow CC; Crabtree GR. Redundant expression but selective utilization of nuclear factor of activated T cells family members. J Immunol. (1997), 159(6), 2735-40. PMID: 9300694
  • Healy JI; Dolmetsch RE; Timmerman LA; Cyster JG; Thomas ML; Crabtree GR; Lewis RS; Goodnow CC. Different nuclear signals are activated by the B cell receptor during positive versus negative signaling. Immunity (1997), 6(4), 419-28. PMID: 9133421
  • Kinoshita S; Su L; Amano M; Timmerman LA; Kaneshima H; Nolan GP. The T cell activation factor NFATc positively regulates HIV-1 replication and gene expression in T cells. Immunity (1997), 6(3), 235-44. PMID: 9075924
  • de la Pompa JL; Timmerman LA; Takimoto H; Yoshida H; Elia AJ; Samper E; Potter J; Wakeham A; Marengere L; Langille BL; Crabtree GR; Mak TW. Role of the NF-ATc transcription factor in morphogenesis of cardiac valves and septum. Nature (1998), 392(6672),182-6. PMID: 9515963
  • Maldonado, J.L.; Timmerman L; Fridlyand, J.; Bastian, B.C. Mechanisms of cell-cycle arrest in Spitz nevi with constitutive activation of the MAP-kinase pathway. Am J Pathol (2004), 164(5), 1783-7. PMID: 15111324
  • Timmerman, LA; Grego-Bessa, J.; Raya, A.; Bertran, E.; Perez-Pomares, J.M.; Diez, J.; Aranda, S.; Palomo, S.; McCormick, F.M.; Izpisua-Belmonte, J.C.; de la Pompa, J.L. Notch promotes epithelial-mesenchymal transition during cardiac development and oncogenic transformation. Genes Dev (2004), 18(1). 99-115. PMID: 14701881
  • Oda K; Okada J; Timmerman L; Rodriguez-Viciana P; Stokoe D; Shoji K; Taketani Y; Kuramoto H; Knight ZA; Shokat KM; McCormick F. PIK3CA cooperates with other phosphatidylinositol 3'-kinase pathway mutations to effect oncogenic transformation. Cancer Res. (2008), 68(19), 8127-36. PMID: 18829572