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Lydia B. Zablotska, MD, MPA, PhD

Lydia B. Zablotska, MD, MPA, PhD

Professor in Residence, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, UCSF

Cancer Center Program Memberships

Hematopoietic Malignancies


Minsk State Medical School, Belarus, MD, May 1993, Medicine
Askew School of Public Administration, Florida State University, MPA, August 1997, Public Policy and Health Administration/Policy
Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University, PhD, May 2003, Epidemiology

Professional Experience

  • 1993-1995
    National Medical Residency, Internal Medicine, Lviv State Medical School, Ukraine
  • 1996
    Administrative and Research Internship, Center for Clinical Effectiveness, Ford Health System
  • 1997-2000
    Graduate Research Assistant, Project "Effects of the Chornobyl Accident on Thyroid Cancer and Leukemia," Dr. G. Howe (PI), Department of Epidemiology, MSPH, Columbia University
  • 2000-2003
    Staff Associate, Project "Effects of the Chornobyl Accident on Thyroid Cancer and Leukemia," Dr. G. Howe (PI), Department of Epidemiology, MSPH, Columbia University
  • 2003-2006
    Epidemiologist, Project "Effects of the Chornobyl Accident on Thyroid Cancer and Leukemia," Dr. G. Howe (PI), Department of Epidemiology, MSPH, Columbia University
  • 2003-2004
    Instructor, Department of Epidemiology, Dr. E.Susser (Chairman), MSPH, Columbia University
  • 2004-2005
    Assistant Professor of Clinical Epidemiology, Department of Epidemiology, Dr. E.Susser (Chairman), MSPH, Columbia University
  • 2005-2008
    Assistant Professor of Epidemiology, Department of Epidemiology, Dr. E.Susser (Chairman), MSPH, Columbia University
  • 2008-2010
    Assistant Professor, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics (DEB), School of Medicine (SOM), University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), San Francisco, CA
  • 2010-2012
    Associate Professor, DEB, SOM, UCSF, San Francisco, CA
  • 2012-2016
    Associate Professor, In Residence series (tenured), DEB, SOM, UCSF, San Francisco, CA
  • 2013-present
    Head, Occupational and Environmental Area of Concentration, DEB, SOM, UCSF, San Francisco, CA
  • 2016-present
    Professor, In Residence series (tenured), DEB, SOM, UCSF, San Francisco, CA

Honors & Awards

  • 1993
    Graduation with Distinction (Summa Cum Laude), Minsk State Medical School, Minsk, Belarus
  • 1995
    Senator E. Muskie Scholarship for Graduate Studies for Outstanding Students from the Commonwealth of Independent States, U.S. Agency for International Development
  • 2003
    Sydney Kark Award in Epidemiology for doctoral students committed to work in international health, MSPH, Columbia University
  • 2003
    Young Investigator Award, 12th International Congress of Radiation Research, Brisbane, Australia
  • 2004
    Calderone Junior Faculty Research Prize, MSPH, Columbia University
  • 2005
    Dean's Award for Innovation in the Curriculum, MSPH, Columbia University
  • 2006
    New Investigator's Award, American Statistical Association's Conference on Radiation and Health, Monterey Beach, CA
  • 2006
    Item Writing Committee, National Board of Public Health Examiners
  • 2007
    Young Investigator Award, 13th International Congress of Radiation Research, San Francisco, CA
  • 2007
    Invited Participant, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Workshop on Monoclonal B-cell Lymphocytosis and Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia: Etiologic Factors, Precursors, and Disease, Washington, DC
  • 2008
    Invited Speaker, American Statistical Association's Conference on Radiation and Health, Vail, CO
  • 2010
    Academic Career Development Award, National Cancer Institute
  • 2012
    Symposium Chair, Radiation Research Society 58th annual meeting, San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • 2012
    Keynote Speaker, International Symposium for 50th Anniversary of RIRBM, Hiroshima University, “Support for Restoration from Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster,” Hiroshima, Japan
  • 2012
    Session Chair, Invited Speaker, American Statistical Association’s Conference on Radiation and Health, Kennebunkport, ME
  • 2013
    Keynote Speaker, 11th International Conference on the Health Effects of Incorporated Radionuclides (HEIR 2013), Berkeley, CA
  • 2014
    Symposium Chair, Invited Speaker, 47th annual meeting of the Society for Epidemiologic Research, Seattle, WA
  • 2014
    Member of the Organizing Committee, Chair of the Workshop for Early Stage Radiation Investigators (ESRI), Invited Speaker, Conference on Radiation and Health, Las Vegas, NV
  • 2016
    Stephen B. Hulley Award for Excellence In Teaching, UCSF

Selected Publications

  1. Cahoon EK, Nadyrov EA, Polyanskaya ON, Yauseyenka VV, Veyalkin IV, Yeudachkova TI, Maskvicheva TI, Minenko VF, Liu W, Drozdovitch V, Mabuchi K, Little MP, Zablotska LB, McConnell RJ, Hatch M, Peters KO, Rozhko AV, Brenner AV. Risk of Thyroid Nodules in Residents of Belarus Exposed to Chernobyl Fallout as Children and Adolescents. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2017 Jul 01; 102(7):2207-2217.
    View on PubMed
  2. Bazyka D, Finch SC, Ilienko IM, Lyaskivska O, Dyagil I, Trotsiuk N, Gudzenko N, Chumak VV, Walsh KM, Wiemels J, Little MP, Zablotska LB. Buccal mucosa micronuclei counts in relation to exposure to low dose-rate radiation from the Chornobyl nuclear accident and other medical and occupational radiation exposures. Environ Health. 2017 Jun 23; 16(1):70.
    View on PubMed
  3. Peters KO, Tronko M, Hatch M, Oliynyk V, Terekhova G, Pfeiffer RM, Shpak VM, McConnell RJ, Drozdovitch V, Little MP, Zablotska LB, Mabuchi K, Brenner AV, Cahoon EK. Factors associated with serum thyroglobulin in a Ukrainian cohort exposed to iodine-131 from the accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant. Environ Res. 2017 Jul; 156:801-809.
    View on PubMed
  4. Tran V, Zablotska LB, Brenner AV, Little MP. Radiation-associated circulatory disease mortality in a pooled analysis of 77,275 patients from the Massachusetts and Canadian tuberculosis fluoroscopy cohorts. Sci Rep. 2017 Mar 13; 7:44147.
    View on PubMed
  5. Zablotska LB. 30 years After the Chernobyl Nuclear Accident: Time for Reflection and Re-evaluation of Current Disaster Preparedness Plans. J Urban Health. 2016 Jun; 93(3):407-13.
    View on PubMed
  6. Ostroumova E, Hatch M, Brenner A, Nadyrov E, Veyalkin I, Polyanskaya O, Yauseyenka V, Polyakov S, Levin L, Zablotska L, Rozhko A, Mabuchi K. Non-thyroid cancer incidence in Belarusian residents exposed to Chernobyl fallout in childhood and adolescence: Standardized Incidence Ratio analysis, 1997-2011. Environ Res. 2016 May; 147:44-9.
    View on PubMed
  7. Finch SC, Dyagil I, Reiss RF, Gudzenko N, Babkina N, Lyubarets T, Bebeshko V, Romanenko A, Chumak VV, Bouville A, Hatch M, Little MP, Bazyka D, Zablotska LB. Clinical characteristics of chronic lymphocytic leukemia occurring in chornobyl cleanup workers. Hematol Oncol. 2017 Jun; 35(2):215-224.
    View on PubMed
  8. Zhivin S, Guseva Canu I, Samson E, Laurent O, Grellier J, Collomb P, Zablotska LB, Laurier D. Mortality (1968-2008) in a French cohort of uranium enrichment workers potentially exposed to rapidly soluble uranium compounds. Occup Environ Med. 2016 Mar; 73(3):167-74.
    View on PubMed
  9. Bogdanova TI, Zurnadzhy LY, Nikiforov YE, Leeman-Neill RJ, Tronko MD, Chanock S, Mabuchi K, Likhtarov IA, Kovgan LM, Drozdovitch V, Little MP, Hatch M, Zablotska LB, Shpak VM, McConnell RJ, Brenner AV. Histopathological features of papillary thyroid carcinomas detected during four screening examinations of a Ukrainian-American cohort. Br J Cancer. 2015 Dec 01; 113(11):1556-64.
    View on PubMed
  10. Little MP, Kwon D, Zablotska LB, Brenner AV, Cahoon EK, Rozhko AV, Polyanskaya ON, Minenko VF, Golovanov I, Bouville A, Drozdovitch V. Impact of Uncertainties in Exposure Assessment on Thyroid Cancer Risk among Persons in Belarus Exposed as Children or Adolescents Due to the Chernobyl Accident. PLoS One. 2015; 10(10):e0139826.
    View on PubMed
  11. Zablotska LB, Nadyrov EA, Polyanskaya ON, McConnell RJ, O'Kane P, Lubin J, Hatch M, Little MP, Brenner AV, Veyalkin IV, Yauseyenka VV, Bouville A, Drozdovitch VV, Minenko VF, Demidchik YE, Mabuchi K, Rozhko AV. Risk of thyroid follicular adenoma among children and adolescents in Belarus exposed to iodine-131 after the Chornobyl accident. Am J Epidemiol. 2015 Nov 01; 182(9):781-90.
    View on PubMed
  12. Chumak V, Drozdovitch V, Kryuchkov V, Bakhanova E, Babkina N, Bazyka D, Gudzenko N, Hatch M, Trotsuk N, Zablotska L, Golovanov I, Luckyanov N, Voillequé P, Bouville A. Dosimetry Support of the Ukrainian-American Case-control Study of Leukemia and Related Disorders Among Chornobyl Cleanup Workers. Health Phys. 2015 Oct; 109(4):296-301.
    View on PubMed
  13. Little MP, Zablotska LB, Brenner AV, Lipshultz SE. Circulatory disease mortality in the Massachusetts tuberculosis fluoroscopy cohort study. Eur J Epidemiol. 2016 Mar; 31(3):287-309.
    View on PubMed
  14. Gudzenko N, Hatch M, Bazyka D, Dyagil I, Reiss RF, Brenner A, Chumak V, Babkina N, Zablotska LB, Mabuchi K. Non-radiation risk factors for leukemia: A case-control study among chornobyl cleanup workers in Ukraine. Environ Res. 2015 Oct; 142:72-6.
    View on PubMed
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    View on PubMed
  16. Pletcher MJ, Pignone M, Earnshaw S, McDade C, Phillips KA, Auer R, Zablotska L, Greenland P. Using the coronary artery calcium score to guide statin therapy: a cost-effectiveness analysis. Circ Cardiovasc Qual Outcomes. 2014 Mar; 7(2):276-84.
    View on PubMed
  17. Zablotska LB, Lane RS, Frost SE, Thompson PA. Leukemia, lymphoma and multiple myeloma mortality (1950-1999) and incidence (1969-1999) in the Eldorado uranium workers cohort. Environ Res. 2014 Apr; 130:43-50.
    View on PubMed
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    View on PubMed
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    View on PubMed
  20. Zablotska LB, Lane RS, Thompson PA. A reanalysis of cancer mortality in Canadian nuclear workers (1956-1994) based on revised exposure and cohort data. Br J Cancer. 2014 Jan 07; 110(1):214-23.
    View on PubMed

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