University of California San Francisco
Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center

About Cancer Imaging Research

The mission of this shared resource is to provide members of the HDFCCC with technical capabilities and scientific expertise for integrating cutting-edge, multi-modality imaging into their basic, translational, and clinical research.


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Pre-Clinical Imaging Core Services

  • Access to NMR systems for analysis of cell and tissue samples
  • Access to MR, PET and SPECT scanners for imaging small animals:
    • 500 MHz HR-MAS Spectrometer
    • 600 MHz Wide Bore HR-MAS/Micro-imaging Spectrometer
    • HyperSense DNP Polarizer
    • GE SpinLab Polarizer
    • Bruker BioSpec® 3T Cryogen Free Pre-clinical MRI
    • Small animal SPECT/ PET/ CT Imager
    • MicroPET/CT Imager
    • Optical Bioluminescence and Fluorescence Imaging
    • Fluorescence Molecular Tomography (FMT
  • Resources for synthesizing radiolabeled and hyperpolarized imaging agents
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Human Imaging Core Services

  • Access to polarizers and cyclotron for the synthesis of standard and experimental imaging agents.
    • GE 5T SpinLab multi-sample polarizer
    • Custom Compounding Aseptic Isolator Radial Laser Welders
    • PETtrace Medical cyclotron
    • Whole body MRI:
    • 3T MR750 and a 7T MR950 systems
    • 3T MR750 wide bore magnet
    • 1.5T MRI
    • InSightec ExAblate MR-guided Focused Ultrasound (MRgFUS) system is installed at the 3T MRI scanner
    • Quantitative high res extremity CT
    • Interventional 1.5T MRI
  • Expert assistance in developing, implementing and interpreting multi-modality imaging studies.
  • Collaboration with imaging scientists to translate novel imaging technologies to patients
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Clinical Imaging Cores Services

  • Standard and specialized radiological interpretation, including Response Evaluation Criteria in Solid Tumors (RECIST) reads
  • Access to clinical scanners for in-patient and out-patient research studies.
    • Whole body PET/CT scanners with 16 & 64 Slice CT
    • SPECT/CT
    • PET/MR
    • Whole boday 1.5T & 3T MRI scanners
    • Whole body CT scanners with 64 & 256 slice
    • Ultrasound
    • X-rays
    • Imaging research coordinators
    • PETtrace Medical Cyclotron
  • Assessment of feasibility and implementation of imaging protocols for clinical trials
  • Image processing, data management and transfer between internal and external sources
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Scientific Computing Services

  • Systems administration, hardware and software support
  • Storage and management of large imaging datasets and related data
  • Development of new algorithms for reconstruction and post-processing
  • Access to custom designed and open source packages for analyzing imaging studies
    • System Management
    • Applications Programming
    • Shared Software Packages
    • Access to: HP Computing Grids
  • Collaborations with imaging scientists interested in machine learning applications